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GCC for OS/2

This repository contains the GCC source code with patches needed to build it on the OS/2 operating system. One day all patches will be merged upstream but currently it is more convenient for the OS/2 developers to track them separately.

Note that this repository is a successor of the previous repository located at which is not maintained any more. All patches from that repository have been applied here preserving their original authors when possible.


The easiest and the only officially supported way to install GCC for OS/2 is to use binary builds provided by bitwiseworks. This requires the RPM/YUM environment for OS/2 to be installed. Note that all recent distributions of ArcaOS already have it, so nothing needs to be done if you have one of these. Then simply type the following on the command line prompt to install GCC (together with WLINK used for linking object files generated by GCC into OS/2 executables):

yum install gcc gcc-wlink gcc-wrc

If you also need to install the C++ part of GCC, type the following:

yum install gcc-c++

Help and Support

You will find a lot of useful information about GCC for OS/2 on the Wiki pages of the project's GitHub repository. There you may also watch the progress of our work on this port. Please read these pages carefully if you need any help or want to report a problem.

Build Instructions

Please refer to build instructions on GitHub.


We thank Knut St. Osmundsen for maintaining the OS/2 port of GCC version 3 which was used as a base for this port. We also thank Paul Smedley for his continued OS/2 contribution to GCC 4 and further versions over these years.

bww bitwiseworks GmbH
January, 2020