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Udacity Android Developer Capstone Project

How to test

For the Udacity testing team: As you might notice the quality of the JSON file isnt quite well. So for the image I used always placeholders. But hopefully the source will be better.

There are two flavours in my project for your purpose you have to use the devel tree. I added here three different GPS settings with them you can test three different positions in Cologne. The distance is 300 meters.

For the Espresso tests: You should also use the devel flavour.

I added also as second google service firebase analytics.

About the project

For this project I used the following libraries and sources.For the position of the "solpersteine" I used and for getting the proper JSON objects out of this map I used

For the whole HTTPS traffic issue I used the OKHTTP3

For parsing the JSON objects I used GSON For creating the nice info slides I used Android Material Intro Screen

For the GPS matching approach I used the blog of Krzysztof Jackowski For displaying the images I used the Picasso library and for getting ride of some line of codes I am using the butterknife

The whole project is an open source project and you can get the source code at If you have any kind of questions contact me via