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* Check that tile palette panel doesn't keep listening after being replaced
* Update translations for dialog.saveas.confirm.mismatch
* Make continuous layout and tiles per row behaviour configurable
* Fix default tabbed tilesets panel height
* Fix redraw issue on empty area in tile palette panel
* Do not reset brush when switching tools (but do show a small tile highlight
while other tools than stamp brush are selected)
+ Add Shift-Ctrl-C deep copy (Copies all layers into a new one)
* Add custom brush from selection (via Ctrl-B)
* Add support for animated tiles
* Set up a layer->map->mapview changes event trail to automatically handle
repainting changes in all views on the map.
* Add minimap above layer table
* Pretty brush preview
* Introduce concept of a project
* Add concept of 'textures' and automatic texture transitions using smart brush
* Store stamp brushes and texture transition definitions to project
* Tool plugins
* Fix all remaining issues.
* Add a brush preview widget
* Add support for tile instance properties (by Christian Henz) (WIP)
- Implement an effective way of displaying the presence of these properties
* Fix memory problems when loading several maps with many tilesets in a row
* Add ability to select multiple layers from layer table
* Add preview of new tileset when creating a tileset
* Add the Shifted view, which emulates several tiling configurations
* Add additional "tile cutters"
* Rewrite main mapeditor code
* Move actions out of MapEditor, and created a package for them
* Reintroduce usage counts in tileset manager without performance issues
* Add convenient map resizing preview widget
* Turning on/off layer visibility shouldn't select them
* Allow mapviews to have parameters
* Start open image in new tileset dialog at map location when possible.
* Add offset settings to New Tileset dialog and tileset xml tag
* Look into making selections more efficient by not using a tile layer
* See about using real numbers for tile positioning with isometric
* Look into color button on New Tileset dialog
* Try to generalize color button for setting grid and background color
settings. Change Grid to Display tab with Grid and Colors groups.