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Enable custom grid sizes or guidelines #368

nickgravelyn opened this Issue · 8 comments

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I'm building a game where a map contains one or more screens. Each screen in my game is 16x10 and the game scrolls screens (Zelda style) as you move around.

My main world map is going to be along the lines of 10x10 screens (give or take) and it would be extremely helpful if I could easily customize the grid or turn on an additional set of grid lines every 16 tiles horizontally and 10 tiles vertically.


Yeah, that would be nice.

The sad thing is that somebody did a patch for this once, but it bitrotted for whatever reason (usually it's a time thing) and now I don't even know where it may be located.


So I started working on this today because it's one of the two big missing features from Tiled that's really hindering my productivity (the other is reloading maps after running commands, something that I'm also going to be looking at). I'm very new to Qt so the UI aspect will be pretty rough but I've already got it more or less working for ortho maps. Still need to test iso and staggered.

When I do get done I'll submit a pull request with all of it. I'll need someone to help with all the UI and localization support, but otherwise it should be working.


Ok staggered and isometric grids are much harder than orthographic. :) While I wish I could have gotten them, I need to work on my game. I can do a pull request if you want, even though guide lines don't render on anything but orthographic maps (but the support is in there to implement them). You can see the changes I've made here: nickgravelyn/tiled@cbd041c


Opening a pull request would make discussing the change a little easier.

I think isometric should not be much of an issue, but staggered isometric is indeed a little trickier.


Not sure if there was a way to nicely link this bug to the pull request, but I've got one. Still quite new to a lot of how git and github work. :) #441


It is an old issue but it seems that the pull request has not yet been accepted. This feature would be very helpfull in my case and for all game with subdivised level into shape of same size.
Is there any chance to see this feature out someday?


@alwex Sure, it all depends on how much time I'll be able to spend on Tiled.


I too would love this feature. It is fundamental when editing levels where the features are usually 16x16 but the tileset is 8x8 as happens with retro development and elsewhere.

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