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Function New-SimpleGUIForm($FormTitleText,$FormWidth,$FormHeight,$Fieldnames,$fontName,$fontsize,$labelxlocation,$labelyspacing,$textboxxlocation,$textboxyspacing,$labelheight,$labelwidth,$TextboxHeight,$TextboxWidth,$ButtonText,$ButtonHeight,$ButtonWidth)
This GUI includes only simple checkboxes. More advanced things are possible, but this is beyond the purpose of the script.
To get inspiration/help building a GUI with other things like dropdownboxes, checkboxes, etc. take a look at
Also keep in mind that when you leave a field empty, it is an empty string and not a $NULL value. Either convert it to a $NULL value later on or modify the functions you use the GUI for.
$i = 0
$TextboxVariables = @()
#region Create and configure form
Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Windows.Forms
$Form = New-Object system.Windows.Forms.Form
$Form.Text = $Formtitletext
$Form.TopMost = $true
$Form.Width = $FormWidth
$Form.Height = $FormHeight
#endregion Create and configure form"
Foreach($item in $Fieldnames)
$NameWithoutSpaces = $item.replace(' ','')
#Create and configure Label
$LabelYLocation = (($i+1)*$labelyspacing)
$Label = New-Object
$Label.Text = $item
$Label.Width = $labelwidth
$Label.Height = $labelheight
$Label.Location = new-object system.drawing.point($labelxlocation,$LabelYLocation)
$Label.Font = "$FontName,$FontSize"
Remove-Variable -Name 'Label'
#Create and configure Textbox
$TextBoxVariableName = "Textbox_$NameWithoutSpaces"
$TextboxVariables += $TextBoxVariableName
$TextboxYLocation = (($i+1)*$textboxyspacing)
$Textbox = New-Variable -Name $TextBoxVariableName
$Textbox = New-Object
$ = $TextBoxVariableName
$Textbox.Width = $TextboxWidth
$Textbox.Height = $TextboxHeight
$Textbox.Location = new-object system.drawing.point($textboxxlocation,$TextboxYLocation)
$Textbox.Font = "$FontName,$FontSize"
$Textbox.TabIndex = $i
#region Create and configure button and actions when clicked
$ButtonYlocation = (($i+1) *$textboxyspacing)
$FormButton = New-Object
$FormButton.Text = $ButtonText
$FormButton.Width = $ButtonWidth
$FormButton.Height = $ButtonHeight
$FormButton.location = new-object system.drawing.point($textboxxlocation,$ButtonYlocation)
$FormButton.Font = "$FontName,$FontSize,style=Bold"
$FormButton.tabindex = $i
#add here code triggered by the event
Remove-Variable -Name 'FormButton'
#Show the form
#Get the names and values of the Textbox controls, store these in a hashtable and output it.
#The array output is converted to a hashtable to make it more easily accessible.
$Output = @{}
$Form.controls | Where-Object{$ -match 'Textbox_'} | ForEach-Object{$Output.Add($,$_.text)}
#region example
#Define the parameters the function will be run with. In most cases it's sufficient to modify FormTitleText,FieldNames,ButtonText.
$Parameters = @{
FormTitleText = 'Create new user'
FieldNames = @('FirstName','LastName','ReferenceUser')
ButtonText = 'OK'
FormWidth = 666
FormHeight = 666
FontName = 'Microsoft Sans Serif'
FontSize = 12
labelxlocation = 25
textboxxlocation = 380
labelyspacing = 40
textboxyspacing = 40
labelheight = 20
LabelWidth = 280
TextboxHeight = 20
TextboxWidth = 250
ButtonHeight = 75
ButtonWidth = 250
#Run the function with the defined parameters and store the result in the $result parameter
$Result = New-SimpleGUIForm @Parameters
#Show all texboxes and their values
#Get the value of specific textboxes, optionally convert an empty string to $NULL and store the result in a variable to be used later on.
IF($Result.Textbox_FirstName -eq ''){$Firstname = $NULL}ELSE{$Firstname = $Result.textbox_Firstname}
IF($Result.Textbox_LastName -eq ''){$Lastname = $NULL}ELSE{$Lastname = $Result.textbox_Lastname}
IF($Result.Textbox_ReferenceUser -eq ''){$ReferenceUser = $NULL}ELSE{$ReferenceUser = $Result.Textbox_ReferenceUser}
#Optionally verify the values
Write-Output "First name value is : $Firstname"
Write-Output "Last name value is : $Lastname"
Write-Output "Reference user value is : $ReferenceUser"
Write-Output "Reference user value is `$NULL value : $($ReferenceUser -eq $NULL)" #Check if $NULL value
Write-Output "Reference user value is empty string : $($ReferenceUser -eq '')" #Check if empty string
#Use the values for your own functions.
#New-BHUser -Firstname $Firstname -Lastname $Lastname -ReferenceUser $ReferenceUser
#endregion example