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The NPM package juice-shop-ctf-cli lets you create a archive files for conveniently import OWASP Juice Shop challenges into different Capture the Flag frameworks. This allows you to populate a CTF game server in a matter of minutes.

CLI in action

Supported CTF Frameworks

The following open source CTF frameworks are supported by juice-shop-ctf-cli:

Setup npm npm

npm install -g juice-shop-ctf-cli


Interactive Mode

Open a command line and run:


Then follow the instructions of the interactive command line tool.

Configuration File

Instead of answering questions in the CLI you can also provide your desired configuration in a file with the following format:

ctfFramework: CTFd | FBCTF
ctfKey: # can also be actual key instead URL
insertHints: none | free | paid
insertHintUrls: none | free | paid

You can then run the generator with:

juice-shop-ctf --config myconfig.yml

Optionally you can also choose the name of the output file:

juice-shop-ctf --config myconfig.yml --output challenges.out

Docker Container Docker Automated build Docker Pulls

Share your current directory with the /data volume of your bkimminich/juice-shop-ctf Docker container and run the interactive mode with:

docker run -ti --rm -v $(pwd):/data bkimminich/juice-shop-ctf

Alternatively you can provide a configuration file via:

docker run -ti --rm -v $(pwd):/data bkimminich/juice-shop-ctf --config myconfig.yml

Choosing the name of the output file is also possible:

docker run -ti --rm -v $(pwd):/data bkimminich/juice-shop-ctf --config myconfig.yml --output challenges.out

For detailed step-by-step instructions and examples please refer to the Hosting a CTF event chapter in our (free) companion guide ebook.


CTFd challenge overview

CTFd challenge details

Troubleshooting Gitter

If you need help with the application setup please check the Troubleshooting section below or post your specific problem or question in the official Gitter Chat.

  • If using Docker Toolbox on Windows make sure that you also enable port forwarding for all required ports from Host to for TCP in the default VM's network adapter in VirtualBox. For CTFd you need to forward port 8000.

Contributing GitHub contributors Stories in Ready

Found a bug? Got an idea for enhancement? Improvement for cheating prevention?

Feel free to create an issue or post your ideas in the chat! Pull requests are also highly welcome - please refer to for details.


PayPal PayPal

PayPal donations via above button go to the OWASP Foundations and are earmarked for "Juice Shop". This is the preferred and most convenient way to support the project.

Credit Card (through RegOnline)

OWASP hosts a donation form on RegOnline. Refer to the Credit card donation step-by-step guide for help with filling out the donation form correctly.

Crypto Currency

Bitcoin Dash Ether



Code Contributors

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Licensing license

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the MIT license. OWASP Juice Shop and any contributions are Copyright © by Bjoern Kimminich 2016-2018.

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