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Firefox Sync Client
Mike Rowehl (
I've been looking for ways to get the data out of my browser to do additional
stuff with it, like sync up the stuff I've already read across mobile and
desktop with my Google Reader account and check off stuff I've already seen.
Or providing a way to grep through the text of all the pages I've browsed
recently. It really needs to include my mobile browsing to be useful for me
I started poking around with Chrome Sync and Firefox Sync, and was really
happy about Firefox Sync keeping history synced up between desktop and mobile.
Hackery ensued. Lots has changed in the sync service recently. I did a bunch
of poking around in the 4.0 beta release source code, and changing around my
own weave_minimal server install, and reading threads in the mailing list. I
finally got something that consistently pulls data out of the Firefox Sync
servers though!
All the main program does currently is yank a collection for the server and
dump out the info, but it's a start. There are a few bits of info you'll
need to get your own data out:
- the username (which the current betas force to email address) and password
- your sync key, which you can find in the sync pane under Preferences
- the weave node your account is assigned to
- the name of the collection to dump (ie. 'history' or 'bookmarks')
You can find the weave node using the node_lookup.php program. ie:
miker-air:firefox_sync_client mikerowehl$ php ./node_lookup.php
Node endpoint:
Once you have that endpoint you can run the sync program to dump your history:
miker-air:firefox_sync_client mikerowehl$ php ./sync.php secretpass a-bbbbb-ccccc-ddddd-eeeee-fffff bookmarks
And you should get back a dump of the data from that collection.