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// BSJSONAdditions
// Created by Blake Seely on 2/1/06.
// Copyright 2006 Blake Seely - All rights reserved.
// Permission to use this code:
// Feel free to use this code in your software, either as-is or
// in a modified form. Either way, please include a credit in
// your software's "About" box or similar, mentioning at least
// my name (Blake Seely).
// Permission to redistribute this code:
// You can redistribute this code, as long as you keep these
// comments. You can also redistribute modified versions of the
// code, as long as you add comments to say that you've made
// modifications (keeping these original comments too).
// If you do use or redistribute this code, an email would be
// appreciated, just to let me know that people are finding my
// code useful. You can reach me at
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@interface NSDictionary (BSJSONAdditions)
+ (NSDictionary *)dictionaryWithJSONString:(NSString *)jsonString;
- (NSString *)jsonStringValue;
- (NSString *)jsonStringValueWithIndentLevel:(NSInteger)level;