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Examples for Quorum
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Quorum Examples

This repository contains setup examples for Quorum.

Current examples include:

  • 7nodes: Starts up a fully-functioning Quorum environment consisting of 7 independent nodes. From this example one can test consensus, privacy, and all the expected functionality of an Ethereum platform.
  • 5nodesRTGS: [Note: This links to an external repo which you will need to clone, thanks to @rsarres for this contribution!] Starts up a set of 5 nodes that simulates a Real-time Gross Setlement environment with 3 banks, one regulator (typically a central bank) and an observer that cannot access the private data.

The easiest way to get started with running the examples is to use the vagrant environment (see below).

Important note: Any account/encryption keys contained in this repository are for demonstration and testing purposes only. Before running a real environment, you should generate new ones using Geth's account tool and constellation-node --generate-keys.

Vagrant Usage

This is a complete Vagrant environment containing Quorum, Constellation, and the Quorum examples.


  1. Install VirtualBox
  2. Install Vagrant

(If you are behind a proxy server, please see


git clone
cd quorum-examples
vagrant up
# (should take 5 or so minutes)
vagrant ssh
# Once in the VM environment:
cd quorum-examples
#then simply follow the instructions for the demo you'd like to run.

(macOS note: If you get an error saying that the ubuntu/xenial64 image doesn't exist, please run sudo rm -r /opt/vagrant/embedded/bin/curl. This is usually due to issues with the version of curl bundled with Vagrant.)

To shut down the Vagrant instance, run vagrant suspend. To delete it, run vagrant destroy. To start from scratch, run vagrant up after destroying the instance.

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