Node.js CLI for Blockstack, built on blockstack.js
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Intended Audience

This tool is meant for developers only -- it is meant to be used for testing and debugging Blockstack apps in ways that the Browser does not yet support. It is not safe to use this tool for day-to-day tasks, since many commands operate on unencrypted private keys. Everyone is encouraged to use the Blockstack Browser whenever possible.

How to Install

You can install the CLI by cloning the repo and running npm run build, as follows:

$ git clone
$ cd cli-blockstack
$ npm install
$ npm run build
$ sudo npm link

This should install blockstack-cli to your $PATH.

node_modules directory, for example.

How to Use

The CLI has a built-in help system. Just run blockstack-cli to access it. You can list all command documentation with blockstack-cli help all.

How to Contribute

This tool is targeted towards Blockstack developers. Patches to fix bugs are welcome!

Project Scope

The following featuers are considered in-scope for this tool:

  • Generating and broadcasting all supported types of Blockstack transactions
  • Loading, storing, and listing data in Gaia hubs
  • Generating owner, payment and application keys from a seed phrase
  • Querying Blockstack Core nodes
  • Implementing a minimum viable authentication flow

Everything else is out of scope. Specifically, the following will not be added to this tool:

  • Anything that requires persistent disk state -- this includes software wallets, configuration files, and so on
  • Anything that involves administrating other Blockstack services
  • Features specific to a particular Blockstack app
  • Any sort of plugin or extension system

How to Reach Other Blockstack Devs

The best place to discuss CLI and app development is on the Blockstack Forum.