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Hi Folks


The former failed with both my use.perl.ord ID which I'm sure I've used previously on blogs.perl.org, and also failed with my OpenID (from Google).

The latter failed with “Text entered was invalid”. Yeah, right!

Text follows:

Hi Ovid

Many years ago I programmed in Snap, which is object-oriented Prolog, and that was very interesting...

But as for calling object 'experts', I disagree, although I support the thrust of your argument.

I call them 'servers', and the class is just the server factory.

The point of 'server' is that an object provides services in exactly the same way a classic server, e.g. web server, does.

And yes, we don't want to meddle with the internals of the 'server', we just want it to work, as you say.

I guess we can agree that 'expert' is more human-oriented terminology, whereas 'server' is more emphasizing the mechanistic side of things.

Ron Savage

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