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:: Purpose: Sub-script containing all commands for Tron's Stage 1: Temp Cleanup stage. Called by tron.bat and returns control when finished
:: Requirements: 1. Administrator access
:: 2. Safe mode is recommended but not required
:: Author: vocatus on ( vocatus.gate at gmail ) // PGP key: 0x07d1490f82a211a2
:: Version: 1.2.4 ! bugfix: Fix syntax error in if statement in job 'netsh branchcache flush'
:: 1.2.3 + feature: Add job 'netsh branchcache flush'
:: 1.2.2 / ccleaner: Re-enable CCleaner
:: 1.2.1 * improvement: Improve standalone execution support. Can now execute by double-clicking icon vs. manually executing via CLI
:: 1.2.0 ! bugfix: Temporarily disable CCleaner until Piriform gets their mess figured out
:: 1.1.9 ! bugfix: Preface WMIC calls with null input to ensure the pipe is closed, fixes WMI hanging on WinXP machines. Thanks to github:salsifis
:: 1.1.8 * logging: Update date/time logging functions to use new log_with_date.bat. Thanks to /u/DudeManFoo
:: 1.1.7 * improvement: Update script to support standalone execution
:: 1.1.6 ! duplicates: Fix broken duplicate file cleanup of Downloads folder due to accidentally putting quote markes around the path to the profile list text file
:: 1.1.5 ! ccleaner: Add /f (force) switch to ccleaner task kill command. Thanks to /u/iseijin
:: 1.1.4 ! ccleaner: Remove /wait flag from start command so script continues immediately. Script now has hard-coded 180 second (3 minute) delay
:: after which it will forcibly kill CCleaner. When running normally this should be plenty of time to complete, and this way the
:: script won't stop if CCleaner stalls. Thanks to multiple users for reporting
:: 1.1.3 ! bugfix: Fix bug with CCleaner where "start /wait" wasn't properly waiting. Ccleaner silently launches ccleaner64.exe on 64-bit
:: systems, which closes the first file handle, which made "start /wait" think it exited and thus continues the script
:: 1.1.2 ! bugfix: Wrap all references to %TEMP% in quotes. Should help prevent crashing on systems with special characters in the username
:: 1.1.1 / ccleaner: Increase cooldown from 15 to 60 seconds to ensure it has time to finish before BleachBit launches
:: 1.1.0 + improvement: Add job to delete duplicate files found in the "Downloads" folder of each user
:: 1.0.2 * logging: Switch from internal log function to Tron's external logging function. Thanks to github:nemchik
:: 1.0.1 * ccleaner: Add note explaining that CCleaner doesn't support verbose output if VERBOSE (-v) flag is used. Thanks to /u/Forcen
:: * bleachbit: Improve Bleachbit support for VERBOSE (-v) flag, now displays all Bleachbit output to console and log file. Thanks to /u/Forcen
:: - misc: Remove unecessary window title reset after Tempfilecleanup
:: 1.0.0 + Initial write
@echo off
set STAGE_1_SCRIPT_DATE=2018-10-31
:: Check for standalone vs. Tron execution and build the environment if running in standalone mode
if /i "%LOGFILE%"=="" (
pushd "%~dp0"
pushd ..
:: Load the settings file
call functions\tron_settings.bat
:: Initialize the runtime environment
call functions\initialize_environment.bat
:: STAGE 1: TEMPCLEAN :: // Begin jobs
call functions\log_with_date.bat " stage_1_tempclean begin..."
:: JOB: Clean Internet Explorer; Windows built-in method. Only works on Vista and up
if %WIN_VER_NUM% geq 6.0 (
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_1_tempclean] [Clean Internet Explorer]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Clean Internet Explorer'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no rundll32.exe inetcpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 4351
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: TempFileCleanup.bat
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_1_tempclean] [TempFileCleanup]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'TempFileCleanup'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no call stage_1_tempclean\tempfilecleanup\TempFileCleanup.bat >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: CCleaner
:: Fun fact, if ccleaner64.exe is present and you call ccleaner.exe on a 64-bit system, CCleaner will silently abort the launch request and launch ccleaner64.exe instead
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_1_tempclean] [CCleaner]
:: Temporarily commented out 2017-09-26 due to Piriform hack. Will re-enable in a couple versions
:: Re-enabled 2018-08-01
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'CCleaner'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
if /i %VERBOSE%==yes call functions\log_with_date.bat "! VERBOSE (-v) output requested but not supported by CCleaner. Sorry."
if %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==x86 start "" stage_1_tempclean\ccleaner\ccleaner.exe /auto>> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
if %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==AMD64 start "" stage_1_tempclean\ccleaner\ccleaner64.exe /auto>> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
:: Hardcoded delay to let CCleaner finish
ping -n 180 > nul 2>&1
:: Now we kill it in case it's hung
if %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==x86 taskkill /f /im ccleaner.exe >nul 2>&1
if %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==AMD64 taskkill /f /im ccleaner64.exe >nul 2>&1
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: BleachBit
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_1_tempclean] [BleachBit]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'BleachBit'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
if %VERBOSE%==yes (
:: OK yes, this is wonky. If verbose is requested we first dump all files to the screen, THEN dump them to the log, THEN do the actual clean
:: Thanks Windows Batch for not having a TEE or equivalent
stage_1_tempclean\bleachbit\bleachbit_console.exe --preset --preview
stage_1_tempclean\bleachbit\bleachbit_console.exe --preset --preview>> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
stage_1_tempclean\bleachbit\bleachbit_console.exe --preset --clean >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
ping -n 12 >NUL
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Delete duplicate files in the "Downloads" folder of each user profile
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_1_tempclean] [Clean Duplicate Downloads]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Clean duplicate files from Download folders'..."
if %DRY_RUN%==no (
REM We use Tron's USERPROFILES variable to account for possibilty of C:\Users (Vista and up) or C:\Documents and Settings (XP/2003)
dir "%USERPROFILES%\" /B > "%TEMP%\userlist.txt"
for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%i in (%TEMP%\userlist.txt) do (
REM OK this is clumsy. We check three locations for Downloads, hence three sets of commands (three sets in the VERBOSE code, three sets in the non-VERBOSE code)
if %VERBOSE%==yes (
REM For each location:
REM 1. Display files to be nuked
REM 2. Dump the same list to the log
REM 3. Do the actual deletion
stage_1_tempclean\finddupe\finddupe.exe -z "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\Downloads\**"
stage_1_tempclean\finddupe\finddupe.exe -z -p "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\Downloads\**" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
stage_1_tempclean\finddupe\finddupe.exe -z -p -del "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\Downloads\**" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
if exist "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\My Documents\Downloads" (
stage_1_tempclean\finddupe\finddupe.exe -z "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\My Documents\Downloads\**"
stage_1_tempclean\finddupe\finddupe.exe -z -p "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\My Documents\Downloads\**" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
stage_1_tempclean\finddupe\finddupe.exe -z -p -del "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\My Documents\Downloads\**" 2>NUL
if exist "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\Documents\Downloads" (
stage_1_tempclean\finddupe\finddupe.exe -z -rdonly "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\Documents\Downloads\**"
stage_1_tempclean\finddupe\finddupe.exe -z -rdonly -p "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\Documents\Downloads\**" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
stage_1_tempclean\finddupe\finddupe.exe -z -rdonly -p -del "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\Documents\Downloads\**" 2>NUL
) else (
REM Non-VERBOSE mode. Simply perform deletion and pipe the output to the log
stage_1_tempclean\finddupe\finddupe.exe -z -p -del "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\Downloads\**" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
if exist "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\Documents\Downloads" stage_1_tempclean\finddupe\finddupe.exe -z -p -del "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\Documents\Downloads\**" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
if exist "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\My Documents\Downloads" stage_1_tempclean\finddupe\finddupe.exe -z -p -del "%USERPROFILES%\%%i\My Documents\Downloads\**" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
del /s /q "%TEMP%\userlist.txt" >nul 2>&1
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: USB Device Cleanup
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_1_tempclean] [USB Device Cleanup]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'USB Device Cleanup'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
if %VERBOSE%==yes "stage_1_tempclean\usb_cleanup\DriveCleanup x64.exe" -t -n
"stage_1_tempclean\usb_cleanup\DriveCleanup x64.exe" -n >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
) else (
if %VERBOSE%==yes "stage_1_tempclean\usb_cleanup\DriveCleanup x86.exe" -t -n
"stage_1_tempclean\usb_cleanup\DriveCleanup x86.exe" -n >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Clear Windows event logs
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_1_tempclean] [Clear Windows Event Logs]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Clear Windows event logs'..."
if /i %SKIP_EVENT_LOG_CLEAR%==yes (
call functions\log_with_date.bat "! SKIP_EVENT_LOG_CLEAR (-se) set. Skipping Event Log clear."
goto skip_event_log_clear
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Saving logs to "%BACKUPS%" first..."
:: Backup all logs first. Redirect error output to NUL (2>nul) because due to the way WMI formats lists, there is
:: a trailing blank line which messes up the last iteration of the FOR loop, but we can safely suppress errors from it
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no for /f %%i in ('^<NUL %WMIC% nteventlog where "filename like '%%'" list instance') do %WMIC% nteventlog where "filename like '%%%%i%%'" backupeventlog "%BACKUPS%\%%i.evt" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Backups done, now clearing..."
:: Clear the logs
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no <NUL %WMIC% nteventlog where "filename like '%%'" cleareventlog >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%"
:: Alternate Vista-and-up only method
:: if /i %DRY_RUN%==no for /f %%x in ('wevtutil el') do wevtutil cl "%%x" 2>NUL
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Clear Windows Update cache
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_1_tempclean] [Clear Windows Update cache]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Clear Windows Update cache'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
:: Allow us to start the service in Safe Mode
if %SAFE_MODE%==yes %REG% add "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\%SAFEBOOT_OPTION%\WUAUSERV" /ve /t reg_sz /d Service /f >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
net stop WUAUSERV >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
if exist %windir%\softwaredistribution\download rmdir /s /q %windir%\softwaredistribution\download >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
net start WUAUSERV >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Reset BranchCache
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_1_tempclean] [Reset BranchCache]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Reset BranchCache'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
if /i not "%WIN_VER%"=="Windows XP" (
if %VERBOSE%==yes (
netsh branchcache show status all
netsh branchcache flush
) else (
netsh branchcache show status all >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
netsh branchcache flush >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: Stage complete
call functions\log_with_date.bat " stage_1_tempclean complete."