Code, diagrams, and other elements for my screening room and tiki nook
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Kilauea Cove

This repository relates to my screening room (home theater) and the “tiki took,” just outside the screening room’s door, where there is a drinks cart, and shelves with tiki mugs and other barware. Collectively, this is Kilauea Cove.

The purpose is to collect all of my code, wiring diagrams, graphical elements, and setup instructions for the lighting, effects, and other electronics in the space — not only for my own use (if/when we move and I have to piece it back together again), but as a reference for anyone else who plans to build interactive lights and effects for a small space.

More discussion of these elements as I create or update them can be found on my blog, under the Kilauea Cove and Tiki Nook tags. I am also posting work-in-progress photos and commentary to a thread on Tiki Central.


Visit the wiki for details on construction, programming, and decor!

The Name

Q: Wasn't this called “Lava Lounge” before?

A: Yes. However, the old name, “Lava Lounge,” unintentionally duplicated the name of a Seattle bar. To reduce possible confusion (since I am also in Seattle), and to give my space a unique* name globally, Kilauea Cove is the new name.

*The only other Kilauea Cove I could find, by searching online, is the name of a pair of water slides at Big Surf Water Park in Tempe, AZ.

Q: Why “Kilauea Cove”?

A: The most direct references are Kilauea, the most active volcano in the Hawaiian Islands, which ties in to what I hope will be a very active Volcano Show. Cove can be defined as “a recessed place,” which describes the Tiki Nook very well. Of course, the alternate water-related meaning of cove, and the reference to one of my favorite surf rock bands, only add to the enjoyment.

Plus, y’know, alliteration is pretty fun.


The Kilauea Cove project is Copyright © 2016 Mark N. Boszko.

This repository contains clones of software developed by other people, when necessary to the operation of my systems. Their licenses continue to apply.

Unless otherwise stated, all content authored by me, Mark Boszko, and contained in this repository, is covered under one of two permissive licenses — one for software, and one for other elements.


Since Creative Commons recommends against applying their licenses to software, my code is available under the MIT license. This includes code for running on Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Please see LICENSE.txt for the full license text.

Other Elements

All other elements, including documentation, graphics, and diagrams, are licensed under CC-BY-4.0.

Creative Commons License
Kilauea Cove by Mark N. Boszko is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.