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A MediaWiki skin using Bootstrap 3 from Twitter

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Bootstrap Mediawiki

This is a MediaWiki skin that uses Bootstrap 2 from Twitter! The framework gives a boatload of features that play really nicely with a MediaWiki installation. To get up and rolling, there's a few things that should be done.


First, clone the repository into your skins/ directory.

git clone

Next, in LocalSettings.php set:

$wgDefaultSkin = 'bootstrapmediawiki';

Then add at the bottom:

require_once( "$IP/skins/bootstrap-mediawiki/bootstrap-mediawiki.php" );


Once you've enabled the skin, you'll want to create a few pages.

Customization Vars

$wgTOCLocation = 'sidebar'; - moves the TOC to a sidebar.

Create: Bootstrap:Footer

This MediaWiki page will contain what appears in your footer. I've set mine to the following:

<div class="row">
    <div class="span6">
        === Stuff ===
        * [[Link to some place]]
        * [[Another link]]
    <div class="span6">
        === More Stuff ===
        * [ Go here]

Create: Bootstrap:TitleBar

This MediaWiki page will control the links that appear in the Bootstrap navbar after the logo/site title. The format that this page is expecting is as follows:

* Menu Item Title
** [[Page 1]]
** [[Page 2]]
** [[Page 3]]
* Another Menu
** [[Whee]]
** [[OMG hai]]
* [[A Link Menu]]

Create: Template:Alert

This template is used to leverage Bootstrap's alert box:

<div class="alert {{{2}}}"><strong>Heads Up!</strong> {{{1}}}</div>


{{alert|Message you want to say|alert-danger}}

Create: Template:Tip

This template is used to do Bootstrap tooltips!

<span title="{{{2}}}" class="tip" rel="tooltip">{{{1}}}</span>


{{tip|Something|This is the tooltip!}}


{{tip|[[Bacon]]|Delicious snack}}

Create: Template:Pop

This template is used to do Bootstrap popovers!

<span data-original-title="{{{2}}}" data-content="{{{3}}}" class="pop">{{{1}}}</span>


{{pop|Whatever triggers the popover|Popover Title|Popover Content}}

Short Title

If you want a shorter title to appear in your navbar, you can add $wgSitenameshort = 'Short Name'; to your LocalSettings.php file.

Custom CSS

If you want a custom CSS file for overrides or site-specific features, you can declare $wgSiteCSS = 'bootstrap-mediawiki/custom.css'

Custom JS

If you want a custom JS file for overrides or site-specific features, you can declare $wgSiteJS = 'bootstrap-mediawiki/custom.js'

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