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exceptions in kde #37

alang9 opened this Issue Aug 29, 2012 · 1 comment

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alang9 commented Aug 29, 2012

Maybe these should be two separate issues, but here goes:

> let f x y = kde x $ Data.Vector.Unboxed.replicate y 0.0
> f 2 1
(fromList [-0.1,0.1],fromList [6.255700138464551,3.744299861535448])
> f 1 1
*** Exception: Statistics.Math.log2: invalid input
> f 1 2
*** Exception: ./Data/Vector/Generic/Mutable.hs:576 (read): index out of bounds (-9223372036854775808,1)

dct is at fault.

>>> dct $ U.replicate 1 0
*** Exception: Statistics.Math.log2: invalid input

Even worse:
>>> dct $ U.replicate 3 0

Reordering of vector's elements in the dctWorker works improperly for samples with odd sizes

@Shimuuar Shimuuar added a commit to Shimuuar/statistics that referenced this issue Sep 14, 2012
@Shimuuar Shimuuar Disallow grids with single point.
Such grids don't make sense anyway.

Fix #37
@Shimuuar Shimuuar added a commit that closed this issue Sep 14, 2012
@Shimuuar Shimuuar Fix bug in dct for vectors with length 1
It have to be treate specially. Also index permutaions do not wotk
for vectors that aren't power of two. E.g. dct [1,1,1] will produce vector
with length 2 insterad of error. So check were move to the outermost functions
It in  fact improves error messages

Fix #37
@Shimuuar Shimuuar closed this in 076b01e Sep 14, 2012
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