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Golang release for use with `bosh vendor-package`
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Note: requires bosh-cli version v2.0.36+ to vendor-package and create-release.

To vendor golang package into your release, run:

$ git clone
$ cd ~/workspace/your-release
$ bosh vendor-package golang-1.12-linux ~/workspace/golang-release

Included packages:

  • golang-1-{linux,darwin,windows}: updated with latest version of go 1.x
  • golang-1.12-{linux,darwin,windows}: updated with latest version of go 1.12.x
  • golang-1.11-{linux,darwin,windows}: updated with latest version of go 1.11.x

To use golang-* package for compilation in your packaging script:

#!/bin/bash -eu
source /var/vcap/packages/golang-1.12-linux/bosh/compile.env
go build ...

or on Windows:

. C:\var\vcap\packages\golang-1.12-windows\bosh\compile.ps1
go build ...

[advanced use] To use golang-* package at runtime in your job scripts:

#!/bin/bash -eu
source /var/vcap/packages/golang-1.12-linux/bosh/runtime.env
go run ...

or on Windows:

. C:\var\vcap\packages\golang-1.12-windows\bosh\runtime.ps1
go build ...


To run tests cd tests/ && BOSH_ENVIRONMENT=vbox ./

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