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GeoGig QGIS Plugin

This is a QGIS plugin to work with GeoGig repositories using the GeoGig Web API.

GeoGig is an open source tool that draws inspiration from Git, but adapts its core concepts to handle distributed versioning of geospatial data. GeoGig is maintained by Boundless ( For more information about GeoGig see


To install the latest version of the plugin:

  • Clone this repository or download and unzip the latest code of the plugin using the following URL
pip install paver
  • Open a console in the folder created in the first step, and type
paver setup

This will get all the dependencies needed by the plugin.

  • Install into QGIS by running
paver install


Usage is documented here

Known issues

There is a known issue in QGIS about the extent of edited Geopackage layers ( that has been recently fixed ( anyway the fix requires a GDAL/OGR minimum version (2.1.2) that is not yet widely used in QGIS installers.

Manual and automatic tests of GeoGig QGIS Plugin

The GeoGig QGIS plugin includes a set of manual and automatic tests to be run using the "Tester" QGIS plugin (

In order for the manual tests work you must ensure that:


folder in order to allow the Tester plugin create the necessary temporary GeoGig repositories.

This parameters can be eventually manually modified by editing the


file of the GeoGig QGIS Plugin, and specifically the lines

REPOS_SERVER_URL = "http://localhost:8182/"
REPOS_FOLDER = os.path.expanduser("~/geogig/server")

must be eventually changed to reflect your personal setup.

Don't forget to run GeoGig Server by specifying the repositories folder to be published, ie on Linux:

geogig serve -m ~/geogig/server

or on Windows

geogig.bat serve -m c:\Users\yourusername\geogig\server