A simple single person bug tracker
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A simple single person bug tracker

Singlebugs is a sole developer focused bug tracking tool. It takes its interface interface cues from Outlook's three panel design where the leftmost are the projects, the middle the issues and the right running commentary. It has a fulltext search bar which searches across all three streams making a very fluid development experience. Since it is designed to work locally it is also very fast.

Running it should be as simple as compiling the Golang code and assets. There is a script compile-normal.sh which should do this for you and leave you with an executable to run. To run you need to simply run the compiled file, however you can change the port it runs on via command line options such as

./fizzbuzz -port=8080

This has been used for several years while developing https://searchcode.com/ and since it works 100% offline has been a very useful when working in environments where network connectivity is spotty such as the train.

Generally you would want to put a compiled version of SingleBugs in a shared directory solution such as Dropbox. This will sync the data files across all environments where you might want to track bugs and doubles as a backup solution.


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