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;; For full explanation of how GUI FTW works, see the Swing basic.clj
;; example. This one shows only differences in implementing the same
;; GUI in SWT.
(ns guiftw.examples.swt.basic
;; Instead of using guiftw.swing we'll use gui.swt namespace.
(:use (guiftw swt styles))
;; Import all SWT classes that we'll use here
(:import (org.eclipse.swt.widgets Shell Button)
;; swt macro works just as swing macro, but is SWT-specific.
(def gui (swt [Shell [*id :main-window]
[Button [*id :super-button]]]))
(def sheet (stylesheet
[:main-window] [:text "First GUIFTW Window!"
:size ^unroll (300 200)
;; Set layout to new instance of
;; FillLayout. This code won't be
;; evaluated until applying property to
;; object, so you don't have to worry when
;; reusing this style.
:layout (FillLayout.)]
[:super-button] [;; Almost every widget in SWT needs its
;; "style" parameter to constructor, so
;; here it is: we want a PUSH
;; button. Note that first argument is
;; always parent object and it's not
;; given explicitly by user, it's filled
;; by GUI FTW when using SWT.
*cons [SWT/PUSH]
:text "This is a button! Click it!"
;; Obviously, we have to implement
;; different method from different
;; Listener.
(fn [gui event]
;; message is convenient function in
;; guiftw.swt
(message "Masssage"
(reduce str "Big Brother is watching you!\nEvent: "
(take 50 (str event)))))]))
;; SWT is a little more complicated from programmers perspective than
;; Swing. You have to manually write a loop that dispaches events and
;; all SWT-related stuff have to happen in this loops thread. GUI FTW
;; have wrappers for this circumstanses:
;; 1) swt-loop function so you don't have your own. If supplied a
;; shell parameter, loop will work until that shell (a window) is
;; closed.
;; 2) swt-thread function that starts swt-loop in separate
;; thread. Convenient to use in REPL. Sometimes (I don't know why at
;; the moment) it'll end up constantly spitting illegal thread access
;; exceptions and REPL have to be restarted.
;; 3) async-exec -- takes a function (and its parameters) that will be
;; invoked inside SWT loop, so it's legal to do SWT stuff in it.
;; Additionally, default-display returns (Display/getDefault)
;; To open a window in REPL you could write:
;; (swt-thread)
;; (async-exec #(.open (gui (default-display) sheet)))
(defn start-in-repl [] ;; remember to (swt-thread) first!
(async-exec #(.open (:root @(gui (default-display) sheet)))))
(defn -main [& args]
(let [shell (:root @(gui (default-display) sheet))]
(.open shell) ;; Is there another way to show a shell?
(swt-loop shell))) ;; Start SWT main loop that will stop program
;; after shell is closed.