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#ifndef _COMMON_H
#define _COMMON_H
#define _GNU_SOURCE
//Used to turn on the checking of the microseconds
//#define CHECK_TIMES 100000
#include "netlib.h"
#include <signal.h> // for SIGRTMIN
// The number of cores this machine has
extern const unsigned int max_cores; // TODO get the real number!
struct stats {
// The cores these stats were recorded from
unsigned int cores;
// The number of bytes received
unsigned long long bytes_received;
// The number of recv() handled
unsigned long long pkts_received;
// The duration packets were inside the network
unsigned long long pkts_time;
// Number of timestamps received
unsigned long long timestamps;
// The duration over which these stats were recorded
unsigned long long duration;
//Temp buffer for the recv time values used to plot a histogram
float processing_times[CHECK_TIMES];
int processed_something;
struct test {
unsigned int clientcores; // The cores the client may run on
unsigned int servercores; // The cores the servers may run on
unsigned int connections; // The number of connections
struct sockaddr_storage addr;
socklen_t addr_len;
// Settings
struct settings {
unsigned int duration;
int type;
int protocol;
unsigned int daemon :1;
unsigned int verbose :1;
unsigned int dirty :1;
unsigned int timestamp :1;
unsigned int disable_nagles :1;
unsigned int reverse :1;
unsigned int quiet :1;
double confidence_lvl;
double confidence_int;
unsigned int min_iterations;
unsigned int max_iterations;
unsigned int message_size;
unsigned int socket_size;
unsigned int rate; // Sends per second
const char *server_host;
unsigned short port;
// An array of each test
unsigned int tests;
struct test *test;
// Helper members, so we don't have to recalc all the time
unsigned int clientcores;
unsigned int servercores;
unsigned int threaded_model;
// Works out how many cores the client will use
unsigned int count_client_cores( const struct test *test, const unsigned int tests );
// Works out how many cores the server will use
unsigned int count_server_cores( const struct test *test, const unsigned int tests );
void stats_add(struct stats *dest, const struct stats *src);
// Move all the elements after arr down one
void move_down ( SOCKET *arr, SOCKET *arr_end );
unsigned long long get_microseconds();
unsigned long long get_nanoseconds();
void get_timespec_now(struct timespec *ts);
void add_timespec(struct timespec *ts, time_t tv_sec, long tv_nsec);
void stop_all();
double calc_confidence(double confidence_lvl, double mean, double variance, unsigned int n, int verbose);
#ifdef WIN32
// Sleep for a number of microseconds
int usleep(unsigned int useconds);
// Returns the highest socket in the set
SOCKET highest_socket(SOCKET *s, size_t len);
// Malloc a 2D array
void **malloc_2D(size_t element_size, size_t x, size_t y);
void free_2D(void **data, size_t x);
#define BUFFER_FILL 0x41
// How long do control sockets wait for connections (in milliseconds)
#define CONTROL_TIMEOUT 30000
// How long to wait for IPC socket calls
#define IPC_TIMEOUT 5000
// How long the server waits for a connection (in milliseconds)
#define SIGNUM ( SIGRTMIN + 5 )
#define SIGNAL_GO 3
#define SIGNAL_STOP 4
#define IPC_SOCK_NAME "resultspipe"