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(ns backtick
(:refer-clojure :exclude [resolve]))
(def ^:dynamic *resolve*)
(def ^:dynamic ^:private *gensyms*)
(defn- resolve [sym]
(let [ns (namespace sym)
n (name sym)]
(if (and (not ns) (= (last n) \#))
(if-let [gs (@*gensyms* sym)]
(let [gs (gensym (str (subs n 0 (dec (count n))) "__auto__"))]
(swap! *gensyms* assoc sym gs)
(*resolve* sym))))
(defn unquote? [form]
(and (seq? form) (= (first form) 'clojure.core/unquote)))
(defn unquote-splicing? [form]
(and (seq? form) (= (first form) 'clojure.core/unquote-splicing)))
(defn- quote-fn* [form]
(symbol? form) `'~(resolve form)
(unquote? form) (second form)
(unquote-splicing? form) (throw (Exception. "splice not in list"))
(record? form) `'~form
(coll? form)
(let [xs (if (map? form) (apply concat form) form)
parts (for [x xs]
(if (unquote-splicing? x)
(second x)
[(quote-fn* x)]))
cat (doall `(concat ~@parts))]
(vector? form) `(vec ~cat)
(map? form) `(apply hash-map ~cat)
(set? form) `(set ~cat)
(seq? form) `(apply list ~cat)
:else (throw (Exception. "Unknown collection type"))))
:else `'~form))
(defn quote-fn [resolver form]
(binding [*resolve* resolver
*gensyms* (atom {})]
(quote-fn* form)))
(defmacro defquote [name resolver]
`(let [resolver# ~resolver]
(defn ~(symbol (str name "-fn")) [form#]
(quote-fn resolver# form#))
(defmacro ~name [form#]
(quote-fn resolver# form#))))
(defquote template identity)
(defn- class-symbol [^java.lang.Class cls]
(symbol (.getName cls)))
(defn- namespace-name [^clojure.lang.Namespace ns]
(name (.getName ns)))
(defn- var-namespace [^clojure.lang.Var v]
(name (.name (.ns v))))
(defn- var-name [^clojure.lang.Var v]
(name (.sym v)))
(defn- var-symbol [^clojure.lang.Var v]
(symbol (var-namespace v) (var-name v)))
(defn- ns-resolve-sym [sym]
(let [x (ns-resolve *ns* sym)]
(instance? java.lang.Class x) (class-symbol x)
(instance? clojure.lang.Var x) (var-symbol x)
:else nil))
(catch ClassNotFoundException _
(defn resolve-symbol [sym]
(let [ns (namespace sym)
nm (name sym)]
(if (nil? ns)
(if-let [[_ ctor-name] (re-find #"(.+)\.$" nm)]
(symbol nil (-> (symbol nil ctor-name)
(str ".")))
(if (or (special-symbol? sym)
(re-find #"^\." nm)) ; method name
(or (ns-resolve-sym sym)
(symbol (namespace-name *ns*) nm))))
(or (ns-resolve-sym sym) sym))))
(defquote syntax-quote resolve-symbol)
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