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(inc clojure-brush)


This is a smarter Clojure brush for Syntax Highlighter that goes further than existing efforts such as sh-clojure. This brush is aware of S-Expression forms in clojure and provide sensible highlighting rules for core forms, and supports special rules for common core forms.

You can see this running here and here.


Just install shClojureBrush.js as you would any other brush for syntax highlighter. If you also include shClojureExtra.css you will have the additional CSS rules for metadata, quotes and unmatched closing tokens.

Improvements over sh-clojure

  • Full tokenizer and parser allow for structure aware highlighting:
    • comment … and #_ forms are correctly highlighted.
    • Doesn't need to use a list of clojure.core symbols; can infer meaning from position in a form.
    • Differentiates between #{functions, macros}, #{methods and constructors}.
    • Knows about name binding forms such as let, binding, for, etc
      • Tracks locals and highlights them separately
    • Handles metadata and quoted forms
      • Styling is supported with appropriate CSS.
    • Detects malformed code
      • Limited to incorrectly closed aggregate expressions currently
  • Performance is equal to or faster than sh-clojure despite doing more. For larger files it appears that the overhead of analyzing the code is surpassed by creation of HTML elements which exists outside the control of the brush.
  • Characters (including \newline, \tab, and \space) handled correctly.
  • Supports radix's, and ratios in number literals.


  • Tokenizer for Constructor literals.
  • Improved error handling
  • Expose registering custom form annotation rules.
  • Support configuration for coloring locals.
  • Exponents in number literals, hex literals


The following people supplied feedback, opinion, and critique during the development of this lib.

  • Alan Malloy

  • Chas Emerick

  • Oliver Hunt

  • Steven Ashley

  • Daniel Solano Gómez for his original Clojure Brush.


Copyright (C) 2011 Andrew Brehaut

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.


(inc clojure-brush) ; A smarter Syntax Highlighter brush for Clojure




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