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Brendan O'Connor and Nathan Schneider 2013-07-23
We found several errors/issues in the Ritter dataset (annotations of tweets
with PTB-tagset POS tags, described in Ritter, Clark, Mausam and Etzioni,
EMNLP 2011 and available at
[Note that our results resported in Owoputi NAACL-2013 are using the original,
non-fixed version of the Ritter data.]
We fixed some of these issues but not others:
1. Never using start quotes -- DID NOT FIX, see below!
2. Several obvious typos or bogus tags -- fixed
3. Obvious errors, like ",/IN -- a few fixed
4. please/VB V vs please/UH V inconsistency: fixed.
5. The data seems to be from the same day or timespan. There are many
near-duplicate messages.
6. Poor handling of compounds, a problem inherent to using PTB tagset on
conversational text; see Owoputi et al. NAACL-2013 for a discussion.
PTB has separate tags for quote tokens: starting (``) and ending quotes ('').
The annotator in Ritter et al. only used the end quote ('') marker. We are
concerned this might screw up downstream models trained on a traditional PTB
corpus, especially things like parsing.
We attempted to fix it, but were unsatisfied with the results, because the
tokenizer often erroneously merges end quotes and sentence-ending punctuation.
It is not clear whether to tag these erroneous tokens as an endquote or a
sentence-ending punctuation. Therefore we left in the tags of '' for all
quotes. Please be careful that this doesn't screw up your desired
It would be better to fix the tokenizer and revisit.
"Please/VB come" versus "Please/UH come": we fixed these cases to please/UH,
following PTB's tagging manual:
UH "includes 'my' (as in 'My, what a gorgeous day'), 'oh', 'please', 'see'
(as in 'See, it's like this'), 'uh', 'well', and 'yes', among others."
Note that WSJ PTB data is inconsistent, often having please/VB. So if you're
using a model trained on WSJ PTB be aware this might get screwed up.
To see our changes:
diff -u orig/pos.txt pos_fixed.txt