OneMirror is a Docker image of NGINX with already configured Google mirror.
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OneMirror is a Docker image of NGINX. With already configured Google Search, Google Fonts/Icons, CDNJS and Gravatar proxy, it helps you to start your own mirror site easily.

Thanks to Alpine Linux, the image size is only 9 MB compressed (20.7 MB decompressed).


  • Dockerfile derived from official NGINX Docker (Alpine) Image
  • Latest mainline version NGINX
  • Latest OpenSSL 1.0.2 with CloudFlare's CHACHA20 patch
  • Google Search mirror module ngx_http_google_filter_module added
  • Certificate Transparency with TLS extension supported
  • With Google Search, Google Fonts/Icons, CDNJS and Gravatar proxy configuration example


Basic HTTP Mirror for Google Search

$ docker run -p 4664:80 -d bohan/onemirror

Alternative Image Source besides Docker Hub

Custom Configuration and SSL

  • You can use your own nginx.conf,
  • and your own site configuartions at nginx/conf.d,
  • and also enable SSL (Please read nginx/ssl/README.txt)
  • Build it
  • $ docker build -t onemirror .
  • and use it
  • $ docker run -p 4664:443 -d onemirror

Known Issues

  • Mirror of Google Scholar may not working