Parameter type hinting does not work with the native pg driver (switching between pg and pg.native) #312

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OJezu commented Mar 22, 2013

The following snippet

pg = require('pg');
pg.connect(con_str, function(error , client, done){
            text: 'UPDATE \
                    action_stats \
                SET \
                    counter = counter + 1 \
                WHERE \
                    user_id = $1 \
                    AND (($2 IS NULL AND group_id IS NULL) OR ($2 IS NOT NULL AND group_id = $2))',
            types: [25, 25] //hint types to postgresql so it has no problem interpreting when $2 is null
        }, ['user-1', null], function(result, error){
            console.log(result, error);

does work when pg is non-native driver. However, when pg is native

--- pg = require('pg');
+++ pg = require('pg').native;

it results in the following error:

{ [Error: could not determine data type of parameter $2]
  severity: 'ERROR',
  code: '42P08',
  position: '100',
  file: 'parse_param.c',
  line: '305',
  routine: 'check_parameter_resolution_walker' }

Keep up the great work :)

brianc commented Mar 22, 2013

Hey thanks. 😄

Sorry you're running into this issue. I'll have to look at adding those to the native bindings.

brianc commented Oct 20, 2014

Is there any reason you have to use parameter type hinting instead of hinting with the type in the query? I think generally its better to use the hint in the query like $1::text because the OIDs are harder to reason about in your code. Also, not 100% sure the OIDs stay the same between versions?

OJezu commented Feb 3, 2015

I think that in that case, the type of the parameter has to be dynamic, as $2::text IS NULL will be false while $2 actually is null.
To be honest I cannot be bothered to check, since we refactored the part that needed that construct I think over a year ago now. Now we are just altering the query, and doing just IS NULL or = check.
As far as I remember, I thought to myself "While this is a nice hack, of which I am very proud, the »different query« approach will probably index better".

To be honest, I think that maybe removing type hinting from non-native may be the best solution.


types isn’t documented (anymore?).

@charmander charmander closed this Feb 16, 2017
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