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array parser does not handle commas in text properly #99

jzimmek opened this Issue Feb 17, 2012 · 2 comments

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jzimmek commented Feb 17, 2012

It seems that something is wrong in the parser for text arrays. A text element containing a "," character will be interpreted as new element. i have not digged deeply in the node-postgres source, but found "test/integration/client/array-test.js"

this will break as soon as i add a "," in the array element:

change from:
client.query('INSERT INTO why(names, numbors) VALUES(\'{"aaron", "brian","a b c" }\', \'{1, 2, 3}\')').on('error', console.log);

change to:
client.query('INSERT INTO why(names, numbors) VALUES(\'{"aaron, INCLUDING COMMA", "brian","a b c" }\', \'{1, 2, 3}\')').on('error', console.log);

is this a known issue and maybe there is already a patch / fix ?


booo commented Feb 17, 2012

I think this is more or less a know issue. Once someone started implementing a simple regex for the complex array parsing problem. He missed some cases and now people try to improve it little by little.

If you want to provide us with a proper test case you should take a look at

There is also the binary query mode that should support arrays a bit better but maybe causes perfomance issues.


jzimmek commented Feb 28, 2012

fixed by #100

@jzimmek jzimmek closed this Feb 28, 2012
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