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Build Status

The objective of ParaTest is to support parallel testing in a variety of PHP testing tools. Currently only PHPUnit is supported.



To install with composer add the following to your composer.json file:

"require": {
    "brianium/paratest": "dev-master"

Then run php composer.phar install The display_errors php.ini directive must be set to stderr to run the test suite.


After installation, the binary can be found at vendor/bin/paratest. Usage is as follows:

paratest [-p|--processes="..."] [-f|--functional] [--no-test-tokens] [-h|--help]
 [--coverage-clover="..."] [--coverage-html="..."] [--coverage-php="..."]
 [--phpunit="..."] [--runner="..."] [--bootstrap="..."] [-c|--configuration="..."]
 [-g|--group="..."] [--stop-on-failure] [--log-junit="..."] [--colors] [--path="..."] [path]

ParaTest Usage


Windows users be sure to use the appropriate batch files. An example being:

vendor\bin\paratest.bat --phpunit vendor\bin\phpunit.bat ...

ParaTest assumes PSR-0 for loading tests.

PHPUnit Xml Config Support

When running PHPUnit tests, ParaTest will automatically pass the phpunit.xml or phpunit.xml.dist to the phpunit runner via the --configuration switch. ParaTest also allows the configuration path to be specified manually.

ParaTest will rely on the testsuites node of phpunit's xml configuration to handle loading of suites.

The following phpunit config file is used for ParaTest's test cases.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<phpunit backupGlobals="false"
        <testsuite name="ParaTest Fixtures">

Test token

The TEST_TOKEN environment variable is guaranteed to have a value that is different from every other currently running test. This is useful to e.g. use a different database for each test:

if (getenv('TEST_TOKEN') !== false) {  // Using partest
    $dbname = 'testdb_' . getenv('TEST_TOKEN');
} else {
    $dbname = 'testdb';

Running Tests

ParaTest's test suite depends on PHPUnit being installed via composer. Make sure you run composer install after cloning.

To run unit tests: vendor/bin/phpunit test/ParaTest

To run integration tests: vendor/bin/phpunit it/ParaTest

To run functional tests: vendor/bin/phpunit functional

There are a couple of shortcuts in the bin directory as well.

bin/test for unit tests. bin/test it for integration tests. bin/test functional for functional tests

You can run all tests at once by running phpunit from the project directory. vendor/bin/phpunit

ParaTest can run its own test suite by running it from the bin directory. bin/paratest

For an example of ParaTest out in the wild check out the example.

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