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Revision history for Perl extension WebService::Solr.
0.19 2012-05-25
- Merge default_params in with other params in the post body
0.18 2012-05-24
- Force previous switch to a post request to be utf-8 encoded
0.17 2012-03-29
- Changed the solr search to use a post request (Robert Ward)
0.16 2011-10-11
- Switch to Any::Moose so that Mouse may be used (Kevin Goess)
0.15 2011-07-14
- Add a last_response accessor to get the most recent
WebService::Solr::Response object (Dan Brook)
0.14 2011-06-13
- Fix broken logic for figuring out rows per page when not explicitly
specified. It was broken on the last page when the number of rows
returned was less than the default. We now just assume 10 rows which
is the default in Solr.
0.13 2011-05-05
- Replace XML::Generator with XML::Easy and de-mooseify the Document and
Field classes to help speed up (about 3x) document creation and
0.12 2011-04-12
- Clean up docs in relation to autocommit
- Handle blessed field values (Dan Brook)
0.11 2010-10-27
- Add a note about enabling Keep-Alive connections (Stijn Prompers)
- Add field_names method to Document (Cory Watson, Craig Hall)
0.10 2010-03-17
- Add spellcheck() convenience method to Response object
- Fix exception when response contained no documents
0.09 2009-12-04
- Return undef in pager/pageset special case when we explicitly return 0
- Add rollback() from Solr 1.4
- Add generic delete() from Solr 1.4
- Update docs to match Solr 1.4 options
- Fix ping() to check only the HTTP status
0.08 2009-10-14
- Allow scalar ref value in WebService::Solr::Query, which works like
SQL::Abstract (literal query)
- Fix status_message and status_code in Response
- Add Data::Pageset capabilities to Response (Jos Boumans)
- Ensure compatibility with older versions of Encode by making sure we
pass a string to encode() (Gert Brinkmann)
0.07 2009-06-26
- Trap JSON::XS exceptions (Jos Boumans)
- Provide an abstract query generator: WebService::Solr::Query (Jos
Boumans, Brian Cassidy)
0.06 2009-05-07
- Add auto_suggest to hit the new Solr 1.4 /autoSuggest API (RT #45798)
- Refactor a basic GET request into its own public method
0.05 2009-04-13
- Confess upon HTTP error (Leon Brocard)
- Send UTF-8 requests to keep new LWP happy (Leon Brocard)
0.04 2009-03-02
- add make_immutable to
- be paranoid about XML escaping (Gert Brinkmann)
0.03 2009-01-15
- fix typo (Thanks cog)
- pod fixes
- try to work around old LWP versions when setting HTTP headers
- require URI >= 1.28
- require XML::Generator >= 0.94
0.02 2008-10-09
- fix pager creation, missing prereq
- add a simple facet_counts() shortcut method
0.01 2008-10-07
- original version;
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