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Defold template project for LOWREZJAM
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Defold template project for creation of low-res pixel art games with support for the following formats:

  • LOWREZJAM-2018 - 64x64 pixel template with support for on-screen controls
  • Nokia 3310 Jam - 84x48 pixel template
  • Generic low-res game with user configurable pixel dimensions

The project provides a render script for rendering the game to a low-res texture that will be centered and upscaled to fit the screen dimensions. The project also provides fonts for use in low resolution pixel art games.

HTML5 demo:


You can use the template in your own project by adding this project as a Defold library dependency. Open your game.project file and in the dependencies field under project add:

Or point to the ZIP file of a specific release.

This repository is also available as a GitHub Template repository.


It is quite easy to setup and use the template:

  • Open game.project and use the render script instead of the default one from builtins.
  • Add one of the provided game objects to your bootstrap collection
    • lowrezjam/lowrezjam.go
    • lowrezjam/nokia3310jam.go
    • lowrezjam/custom.go

Configuring the render script

The template provides a render script that renders to a low-res texture and upscales to fit screen dimensions. The texture will be centered in the window.

Changing low-res size

Change from the default 64x64 screen size by posting a set_size message to the render script with a width and height message property.

Scale snapping

The upscaled low-res texture will by default be scaled to fill as much of the window as possible. It is possible to ensure that the upscaled texture will have a zoom that is set to an integer value by toggling scale snapping via the toggle_scale_snap message.

On screen controls

The render script will also in a separate pass draw on-screen controls as per allowed rules for the jam. The on-screen controls must be a gui with material set to the provided controls.material.


The template ships with the following fonts suitable for low resolution pixel art games:

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