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2015/07/01 v2.7
- WebGL support
- Misc xcode cleanup
2012/09/12 v2.6
- Params passing for multimonitor
2010/02/02 v2.5
- Turned on Garbage Collection to support 64bit
2010/02/01 v2.4
- Patched UniMotion to support 64bit IOKit
2009/09/06 v2.3
- Rebuild for Snow Leopard 10.6
2009/05/26 v2.2
- Repackaged and rebuilt for Google Code
- No feature/bug changes
2008/03/21 v2.1
- Added sudden motion sensor support on suitable hardware (thanks to the
UniMotion library).
The angle of the machine will be sent as (up, down, left, right) cursor
input to the loaded page. This might be usefull for scrolling pages
without waking from screenaver.
2008/02/26 v2.0
- Bumped major version number for initial public release