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import re
import urllib
import httplib
import datetime
import urlparse
from django.core import urlresolvers
from django.db import models
from django.conf import settings
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
from django.contrib.sites.models import Site
from django.contrib.sites.managers import CurrentSiteManager
from djog.managers import EntryManager
class Blog(models.Model):
site = models.ForeignKey(Site)
title = models.CharField(_("title"), max_length=100)
objects = models.Manager()
on_site = CurrentSiteManager()
class Meta:
verbose_name = _("blog")
verbose_name_plural = _("blogs")
class Admin:
def __unicode__(self):
return self.title
def get_absolute_url(self):
return urlresolvers.reverse('djog_index')
class Entry(models.Model):
Represents either a blog post or page in the blog.
(TYPE_POST, _("Post")),
(TYPE_PAGE, _("Page")),
blog = models.ForeignKey(Blog, verbose_name=_("blog"))
title = models.CharField(_("title"), max_length=100, unique=True)
slug = models.SlugField(_("slug"), max_length=100, unique=True,
text = models.TextField(_("text"))
author = models.ForeignKey(User, verbose_name=_("author"))
tags = models.ManyToManyField("Tag", verbose_name=_("tag"),
pub_date = models.DateTimeField(_("publish date"),
entry_type = models.IntegerField(_("entry type"), choices=ENTRY_TYPES,
help_text=_("Select what type of entry this is, currently there are "
"regular blog posts, and pages (ex. about or contact page)."),
radio_admin=True, default=TYPE_POST)
objects = EntryManager()
def __unicode__(self):
return self.title
class Meta:
verbose_name = _("entry")
verbose_name_plural = _("entries")
ordering = ("-pub_date",)
get_latest_by = "pub_date"
unique_together = (("slug", "entry_type"),)
class Admin:
list_display = ("id", "title", "pub_date",)
list_display_links = ("id", "title",)
list_filter = ("entry_type",)
search_fields = ("title", "text",)
date_hierarchy = "pub_date"
def get_absolute_url(self):
if self.entry_type == self.TYPE_POST:
return urlresolvers.reverse('djog_post',
kwargs={'year': self.pub_date.strftime("%Y"),
'month': self.pub_date.strftime("%b").lower(),
'day': self.pub_date.strftime("%d"),
'slug': self.slug})
elif self.entry_type == self.TYPE_PAGE:
return urlresolvers.reverse('djog_page',
kwargs={'slug': self.slug})
def get_rss_url(self):
return urlresolvers.reverse('djog_feed', kwargs=dict(
url = 'comments/%s/%s' % (
self.pub_date.strftime("%Y/%b/%d").lower(), self.slug
def get_trackback_url(self):
return urlresolvers.reverse('djog_trackback', kwargs=dict(
class Tag(models.Model):
blog = models.ForeignKey(Blog, verbose_name=_("blog"))
tag = models.CharField(_("tag"), max_length=50, unique=True, core=True)
slug = models.SlugField(_("slug"), prepopulate_from=("tag",), max_length=50, unique=True)
def __unicode__(self):
return self.tag
class Meta:
verbose_name = _("tag")
verbose_name_plural = _("tags")
class Admin:
def _get_num_stories(self):
if not hasattr(self, "_num_stories"):
self._num_stories = Entry.objects.filter(
return self._num_stories
num_stories = property(_get_num_stories)
def get_absolute_url(self):
return urlresolvers.reverse('djog_entries_by_tag',
kwargs={'slug': self.slug})
def get_rss_url(self):
return urlresolvers.reverse('djog_feed', kwargs=dict(
url = 'tags/%s' % self.slug
class TrackBack(models.Model):
entry = models.ForeignKey(Entry, verbose_name=_("entry"), edit_inline=models.STACKED, num_in_admin=1)
url = models.URLField(_("URL"), max_length=255, core=True)
tbURL = models.URLField(_("trackback URL"), max_length=255, null=True, blank=True, editable=False)
status = models.BooleanField(_("status"), null=True, blank=True, editable=False)
error = models.CharField(_("error"), max_length=255, null=True, blank=True, editable=False)
def __unicode__(self):
return self.url
class Meta:
verbose_name = _("trackback")
verbose_name_plural = _("trackbacks")
class Admin:
def _connect_to_url(self, url):
# ensure the url starts with http since the connection wont work
if not url.startswith('http'):
url = 'http://' + url
url_bits = urlparse.urlparse(url)
if url_bits[0] == 'https':
conn = httplib.HTTPSConnection(url_bits[1])
conn = httplib.HTTPConnection(url_bits[1])
return conn, url_bits[2]
def autodiscover(self):
conn, path = self._connect_to_url(self.url)
conn.request('GET', path)
response = conn.getresponse()
tb_regex ='trackback:ping="(.*?)"',
if tb_regex:
self.tbURL =
def ping(self):
params = urllib.urlencode({
'title': self.entry.title,
'url': '%s/%s' % (
'excerpt': self.entry.text,
'blog_name': unicode(,
conn, path = self._connect_to_url(str(self.tbURL))
conn.request("POST", path, params, ({
"Content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
"User-Agent": "Python"
response = conn.getresponse()
data =
error_regex ='<error>(.*?)</error>', data)
if error_regex:
tb_error_code =
if int(tb_error_code) == 0:
self.status = True
msg_regex ='<message>(.*?)</message', data)
if msg_regex:
self.error =
def save(self, **kwargs):
super(TrackBack, self).save(**kwargs)
class IncomingTrackBack(models.Model):
title = models.CharField(_("title"), max_length=255, null=True, blank=True, editable=False)
excerpt = models.CharField(_("excerpt"), max_length=255, null=True, blank=True, editable=False)
url = models.URLField(_("URL"), max_length=255, editable=False)
blog = models.CharField(_("blog"), max_length=255, null=True, blank=True, editable=False)
entry = models.ForeignKey(Entry, verbose_name=_("entry"))
time = models.DateTimeField(_("time"),
def __unicode__(self):
return "%s: %s" % (, self.title)
class Meta:
verbose_name = _("incoming trackback")
verbose_name_plural = _("incoming trackbacks")
class Admin:
class Configuration(models.Model):
blog = models.ForeignKey(Blog, verbose_name=_("blog"))
option = models.CharField(_("option"), max_length=255)
value = models.CharField(_("option"), max_length=255)
def __unicode__(self):
return "%s: %s" % (self.option, self.value)
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