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ZKPDL and Cashlib
ZKPDL (Zero-Knowledge Proof Description Language) is a high-level
language designed for specifying cryptographic operations and in
particular zero-knowledge proofs. Its corresponding interpreter will,
given a program and a set of inputs, output a proof when acting as the
prover and verify a proof when acting as the verifier.
The Cashlib library provides functionality for endorsed e-cash and
fair exchange protocols. Classes are provided for withdrawing,
spending, and depositing e-coins, as well as for bartering for files
using an e-coin only as a placeholder. Resolution protocols are
provided as well.
For a detailed description of this software please see our paper in
USENIX Security 2010:
Pseudocode descriptions of the cryptographic protocols used are
available in the "doc/pseudocodes" directory.
A short manual describing our language syntax can also be found in the
"doc/manual" directory.
These documents are still under development and should improve in the
Many example programs are available in the "src/ZKP/examples" directory.
We would love to hear about your interest in ZKPDL and Cashlib. Feel
free to contact us if you have any questions or comments!
Chris Erway <>
Sarah Meiklejohn <>
The Brownie Points project