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Here is a series of tasks to test the basic interface functionality of the CMS.
Note: It is best to build the cms gem and install it, then test the functionality in a rails app that has been configured to use the new gem.
Add Section
Add Page
Test Edit Page Link
Add Link
Edit Section Properties
Edit Page Properties
Edit Link Properties
Publish Link
Move Link
Move Page
Move Section
Delete Link
Delete Page
Delete Section
Content Library:
Add Image
Edit Image Metadata
Edit Image File
Revert Image to different metadata
Revert Image to different file
Search Image
Add Text
Edit Text
Add Link to Text
Add Image to Text
Revert Text
Bulk add Text
Paginated Search links
Delete Text
Delete Image
Add Portlet
Edit Portlet
Search Portlet
Delete Portlet
Add File
Edit File Metadata
Edit File File
Revert File to metadata
Revert File to different file
Search File
Delete File
Add Category Type
Edit Category Type
Search Category Type
Add Category
Edit Category
Search Category
Delete Category
Delete Category Type
Add Tag
Edit Tag
Search Tag
Delete Tag
Add Public User Group
Add Admin Group
Edit Public User Group
Edit Admin Group
Add User
Edit User
Search User
Disable User
Search inactive User
Enable User
Login as User
Change User Password
Login as User
Add Page Partial
Edit Page Partial
Add Page Partial
Delete Page Partial
Add Page Template
Edit Page Template
Add Page Template
Delete Page Template
Add Page Route
Test Page Route
Edit Page Route
Test old Page Route
Test new Page Route
Delete Page Route
Test old Page Route
Test new Page Route
Test Rails Route
Clear Page Cache
Add Redirect
Test Redirect
Edit Redirect
Test old Redirect
Test new Redirect
Delete Redirect
Test old Redirect
Test new Redirect
Toggle Visual Editor On
Toggle Visual Editor Off
Toggle Visual Editor On
Add New Text to Container
Add Existing Text to Container
Move Text Up
Move Text Down
Edit Text
Remove Text
List Versions
Complete Task
Edit Properties
Add New Portlet to Container
Add Existing Portlet to Container
Move Portlet Up
Move Portlet Down
Edit Portlet
Remove Portlet
Add New File to Container
Add Existing File to Container
Move File Up
Move File Down
Edit File
Remove File
Add New Image to Container
Add Existing Image to Container
Move Image Up
Move Image Down
Edit Image
Remove Image
Delete Page
Publish page
Publish pages
Remove task