A collection of GIS functions for Elixir
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A collection of GIS functions. Handles conversions to and from WKT, WKB, and GeoJSON for the following geometries:

  • Point
  • LineString
  • Polygon
  • MultiPoint
  • MulitLineString
  • MultiPolygon
  • GeometryCollection

Note: If you are looking for the Postgrex PostGIS extension, check out geo_postgis

Note: If you are looking to do geospatial calculations in memory with Geo's structs, check out topo

defp deps do
  [{:geo, "~> 3.0"}]



  • Encode and decode WKT and EWKT

    iex(1)> {:ok, point} = Geo.WKT.decode("POINT(30 -90)")
    %Geo.Point{ coordinates: {30, -90}, srid: nil}
    iex(2)> Geo.WKT.encode!(point)
    "POINT(30 -90)"
    iex(3)> point = Geo.WKT.decode!("SRID=4326;POINT(30 -90)")
    %Geo.Point{coordinates: {30, -90}, srid: 4326}
  • Encode and decode WKB and EWKB

    iex(1)> {:ok, point} = Geo.WKB.decode("0101000000000000000000F03F000000000000F03F")
    %Geo.Point{ coordinates: {1.0, 1.0}, srid: nil }
    iex(2)> Geo.WKB.encode!(point)
    iex(3)> point = Geo.WKB.decode!("0101000020E61000009EFB613A637B4240CF2C0950D3735EC0")
    %Geo.Point{ coordinates: {36.9639657, -121.8097725}, srid: 4326 }
    iex(4)> Geo.WKB.encode!(point)
  • Encode and decode GeoJSON

Geo only encodes and decodes maps shaped as GeoJSON. JSON encoding and decoding must be done before and after.

#Examples using Poison as the JSON parser

iex(1)> Geo.JSON.encode(point)
{:ok, %{ "type" => "Point", "coordinates" => [100.0, 0.0] }}

iex(2)> point = Poison.decode!("{ \"type\": \"Point\", \"coordinates\": [100.0, 0.0] }") |> Geo.JSON.decode
%Geo.Point{ coordinates: {100.0, 0.0}, srid: nil }

iex(3)> Geo.JSON.encode!(point) |> Poison.encode!