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echo "======================================"
echo "backing up database"
mysqldump -u backup --all-databases > /var/www/html/alldatabases.sql
#tar and compress the directories really hacky and should either make a file for exclusions or just get rid of the crap
tar -czvvf /var/www/bkp/websqlbkp.tar.gz /var/www/html/alldatabases.sql /var/www/html/*
#encrypt that mug and then remove the decrypted file
echo "encrypting backup"
openssl des3 -salt -k supersecret \
-in /var/www/bkp/websqlbkp.tar.gz \
-out /var/www/bkp/websqlbkpencrypted.tar.gz
#cleanup files I don't want people to see
echo "cleaning up files"
rm -rf /var/www/bkp/websqlbkp.tar.gz
rm -rf /var/www/html/alldatabasesl.sql
#update the git repo
echo "committing to git `date` "
cd /var/www/bkp/
echo "adding to git"
/usr/local/bin/git add .
echo "commiting git"
/usr/local/bin/git commit -a -m "commiting backup on `date`"
echo "pushing to github"
/usr/local/bin/git push origin production
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