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* Fix synching issues in output midi files.
* Supply some installation scripts to make installing easier.
* Change name to Orpheus ..something? Editor?
* Look for alternatives to the QGraphicsView (because repaints can't be forced)
* change bar length in progression editor
* Improve chance parameter
* Add resolution to individual instruments.
* Add transpose to instruments
* Add (min, max) budget to instruments
* Django Accompaniment Guitarist
* Selected item should change on copy.
* A jukebox to play imp files in succesion.
* Fix Visualizations and add better ones.
* Add tags to upload window.
* Text to speech for raps?
* Show current roman numeral in block view.
* Warning for empty name in progression editor.
* Block browser
* Song browser
* Progressions from chords
* Add progress dialog to login action.
* Show which bar is playing *DONE*
* Add numbers (0, 4, 8, etc.) underneath bars. *DONE*
* Add buffering in MovementScene *DONE*
* Add global end to instruments *DONE*
* Add lowest and highest note to instruments *DONE*
* Make list items dragable. *DONE*
* Add min note duration to instruments *DONE*
* Meer Movements *DONE*
* Songs inladen en opslaan *DONE*
* opties inladen uit environment *DONE*
* Copy/duplicate knoppen in alle tabs. *DONE*
* preferences dialog *DONE*
* block editor *DONE*
* new button *DONE*
* change title on load and save *DONE*
* move up, move down button *DONE*
* edit schermen *DONE*
* add clear, up and down and update buttons to progression editor *DONE*
* pygame visualization? *DONE*
* Upload dialog maken *DONE*
* Upload progressions *DONE*
* Upload instruments *DONE*
* Upload songs *DONE*
* Upload blocks *DONE*
* Ensembles inladen en opslaan *DONE*
* Simpele website in php *DONE*
* Verhuizen naar github *DONE*
* Preferences: default folder, log niet in checkbox, *DONE*
* Browse progressions *DONE*
* ProgressionBrowser: link progressionlist instead of item and let ProgressionBrowser add as much progressions as needed. *DONE*
* ProgressionBrowser: Update highest seen IDs and use this when requesting updates. *DONE*
* ProgressionBrowser: Show on username; show own work. *DONE*
* Improve let_ring: add max_notes_playing_at_the_same_time *DONE*
* Maak instrument (start, step, end) afhankelijk van bars ipv block iterations. *DONE*
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