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7.01 - 06-Mar-2015
- 1.8 update
- removed main menu mobs (will be released as a separate mod)
6.16 - 16-Feb-2015
- disable main menu mob rendering when WorldStateCheckpoints is present
6.15 - 11-Nov-2014
- fixed tooltip messages
- updated mappings
- removed all dropbox URLs
6.14 - 05-Aug-2014
- better error handling for main menu entity rendering
- better entity render support for mods
6.13 - 04-Jul-2014
- fixed main menu player skins
- fixed small bug in version checker
6.12 - 30-Jun-2014
- initial 1.7.10 update
6.11 - 08-Jun-2014
- fixed potential NPEs in BlockID, ModulusBlockID, and ItemID
6.10 - 08-Jun-2014
- fixed logic flaw in update checker
- changed update checker to use user prefs instead of config file
- fixed Double.MAX_VALUE stuff
- fixed FML version number dependency
6.9 - 23-May-2014
- added better prop state handling
- added undo buttons
- added example props to regular config
- fixed bugs in list edit screen
- added titles to list edit screen
- added isHotLoadable flag on Properties and Categories and hooked it all up
- build script improvements
- added code to redisplay version messages every so often instead of just once
- better handling of main menu render ticker registration
- created a way to make dynamically sized buttons that doesn't rely on the vanilla button code
- added a way to allow IConfigProperty objects to define their own IGuiConfigListEntry GUIs
6.8 - 25-Apr-2014
- catch exceptions due to really large numbers being entered in numeric config fields
- added ability to add a Pattern object to STRING props to validate input
6.7 - 24-Apr-2014
- Coord changes needed for FloatingRuins optimizations
- switched from class references to an enum
- better int/double handling code
- added detection of invalid numeric values
- added better dynamic resizing code for config GUIs
- prevent tooltips from showing when the mouse is over the header or footer
- fixed crash when trying to enter negative numbers
6.6 - 22-Apr-2014
- changes to support multi-category config file GUIs
- fixed a SERIOUS issue with Main Menu code that would remove certain mobs from the EntityList
6.5 - 21-Apr-2014
- made main menu gimmick code more crash-safe
6.4 - 18-Apr-2014
- added support for config tooltips
- added code to actually limit numeric fields to their intended bounds
- fixed ESC key not showing previous screen
- added classes to allow for rendering entities without a real world running
- added Main Menu gimmick
6.3 - 15-Apr-2014
- fixed config scrollbar not working after changing settings
- changed the way item overlays work to allow more precision
6.2 - 13-Apr-2014
- fixed client commands not opening GUIs
6.1 - 13-Apr-2014
- removed a lot of the helper stuff for 1.7.2
- created a set of extensible classes for in-game config guis
6.0 - 19-Jan-2014
- updated for 1.7.2
v5.2 - 19-Dec-2013
- added new command /bs to manually show version check info
v5.1 - 18-Dec-2013
- fixed crappy code in TickerBase that prevented tickers from stopping (ugh)
v5.0 - 05-Nov-2013
- added lots of helper methods to Coord
- added abstract convenience classes for various tick applications
v4.3 - 23-Oct-2013
- fixed potential mod ordering issue
v4.2 - 21-Oct-2013
- changed ModVersionChecker to keep track of new version notifications and only show the chat message once per new version
v4.1 - 14-Oct-2013
- fixed server-side crash
v4.0 - 14-Oct-2013
- rewrote mod for Forge/FML
v3.05 - 23-Sep-2013
- added new ForgeUtils class
v3.04 - 10-Sep-2013
- slight tweak in HUDUtils for countInInventory method
- 1.6.4 update (20-Sep-2013)
v3.03 - 18-Jul-2013
- added new method to get the log filename
v3.02 - 09-Jul-2013
- update URL change
- 1.6.2 update (10-Jul-2013)
v3.01 - 05-Jul-2013
- 1.6.1 update and fixes
v2.09 - 28-Jun-2013
- removed checksum code from BSProp to hopefully fix reversion issue.
- added timeout config setting
v2.08 - 10-Jun-2013
- added new method for raytracing
v2.07 - 30-May-2013
- added a new obfuscation detection method
v2.06 - 25-May-2013
- add back in deprecated class to support existing mods
v2.05 - 24-May-2013
- holy crap a lot of stuff
- fixes for many shared bits of code
- fixed up Configuration and ConfigCategory
- added a Const class for things like MCVersion
v2.04 - 10-May-2013
- fixed server config crash with TC
v2.03 - 03-May-2013
- 1.5.2 update
v2.02 - 09-Apr-2013
- fixed server crash
v2.01 - 09-Apr-2013
- fixed update check timeouts
- new bsprops config file
- super secret feature
- retrofitted fix to 1.4.7
v1.03 - 15-Mar-2013
- updated for 1.5
- added proxy class for forge mods
- updated for 1.5.1 (23-Mar-2013)
v1.02 - 10-Mar-2013
- fix for bad logic in isGamePaused method
v1.01 - 20-Feb-2013
- initial release
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