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--- Status ---
An activity stream focused child theme for BuddyPress
--- Installation ---
1. Upload theme folder to /wp-content/themes
2. Navigate to wp-admin/themes.php and activate Status
This theme doesn't work properly in IE 7 or 8 so if using IE please use IE 9
--- Getting Started with Status ---
--- Status Notes---
1. Long site titles are cut off in Toolbar just like WordPress admin bar default behaviour.
2. Users are required to keep the Toolbar on to get full advantage of the theme.
3. If you want to add navigation you need to go to Appearance > Menu and it will appear in the admin bar or you can
add to a sidebar widget area.
4. The site title only appears in the admin bar
--- Credits ---
DJPaul, Hnla, Karmatosed, Ve, Mercieme (theme review) and many more BuddyPress community members
--- Changelog ---
* Correct Activity whats new submit button
* Padding fixes for content / content header on larger screen resolutions
* Changed use of section where no headers
* Changed sidebars to use asides for widgets
* Various responsive fixes
* Add in github page
* Initial Stable Version