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- Report error if repeated parts
- tests
- distribution dependency links
- offline mode (there is an indirect test in the testrunner tests)
- Load from urls
- control python for develop (probably a new recipe)
- proper handling of extras
- Common recipes
- configure-make-make-install
- download, checkout
- Should it be possible to provide multiple recipies?
Or should recipies be combined through inheritence (or
- Python
- Some way to freeze versions so we can have reproducable buildouts.
Maybe simple approach:
- Egg recipe outputs dependency info with debug logging
- Egg recipe has option to specify dependencies. When used,
don't automatically fetch newer data.
- Option to search python path for distros
- Part dependencies
- custom uninstall
- Fix develop so thet ordinary eggs fetched as dependencies end up
in eggs directory.
"fixed" except that fix is ineffective due to setuptools bug. :(
- spelling :)
- document recipe initialization order
- Should we include setuptools and buildout eggs for buildout process
in environment when searching for requirements?
- We don't want to look for new versions of setuptools all the time.
For now, we always use a local dist if there is one. Needs more
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