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Contributing Guide

  • Check the GitHub Issues for open issues that need attention.

  • Follow the How to submit a contribution Guide.

  • Make sure unit tests pass. Please read how to run unit tests below.

  • If you are fixing a bug:

    • If you are resolving an existing issue, reference the issue id in a commit message (fixed #XXX).
    • If the issue has not been reported, please add a detailed description of the bug in the PR.
    • Please add a regression test case.
  • If you are adding a new feature:

    • Please open a suggestion issue first.
    • Provide a convincing reason to add this feature and have it greenlighted before working on it.
    • Add tests to cover the functionality.
  • Please follow Style Guide for Python Code.


  1. Obtain OAuth2 credentials from Google Developers Console
  2. Install test requirements:
pip install -r test-requirements.txt
  1. Run tests:
GS_CREDS_FILENAME=<YOUR_CREDS.json> nosetests -vv tests/

where YOUR_CREDS.json is a path to the file you downloaded in step 1.

Note: gspread uses Betamax to record and replay HTTP interactions with Sheets API. You can control Betamax's Record Mode using GS_RECORD_MODE environment variable:

GS_RECORD_MODE=all GS_CREDS_FILENAME=<YOUR_CREDS.json> nosetests -vv tests/
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