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March 20, 2023 10:06

This is Buttondown's public roadmap and issue tracker. Please feel free to watch, comment on, or create issues (though please don't be offended if I close or modify them!)

The issue tracker can be a large and daunting place — for us, the people who build Buttondown, let alone hapless bystanders and spectators! If you're looking to find out what we're working on in a given point in time, I'd recommend poking around the projects view which breaks down the work in a bit more detail.

If you're interested in the specific labels I use, here's a handy primer:

Tag Description
bug Items labeled bug are, well, bugs. I tend to take these pretty seriously.
documentation Items labeled documentation are improvements to (Did you know that was open source?)
ergonomics Items labeled ergonomics are fixing paper cuts and making things just a little nicer.
feature Items labeled feature are brand-new functionality. I am pretty surgical and persnickety with this work: I try to be very mindful of when and how to grow Buttondown's surface area, with the full understanding that with each new feature comes complexity.
integrations Items labeled integrations are integrations with other services like Slack, Zapier, or IFTTT.
marketing Items labeled marketing are marketing in the 'classic' sense — ways to better improve the placement and representation of Buttondown in the larger newsletter ecosystem! I know it's odd to put this on the "roadmap" but I think it's a useful reflection — I want the roadmap to be adequately representative of how and where I spend my time.
operations Items labeled operations are meant to be internal — checkers to make my alerting infrastructure better, scripts to speed up annoying tasks, that sort of thing. Again, you probably don't need to care about this: but it's transparent, right?
pending Items labeled pending are blocked on some other thing, whether it's a Buttondown thing or exogenous.
performance Items labeled performance are about making Buttondown faster, both on the frontend and the backend side.
technical debt Items labeled technical debt are about improving the codebase and internal abstractions, so as to speed up future development flows.
zapier Items labeled zapier pertain to Buttondown's Zapier integration.