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Strata - a Semi-Structured Data plugin for Dokuwiki
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Strata is a semi-structured data plugin for DokuWiki. Strata allows you to add data to your wiki pages, and later on query that data to create automatic indices or other overviews.


  1. Use the DokuWiki plugin manager to install Strata.
  2. Optionally, copy the contents of the manual.txt file into a wiki page (wiki:strata would be a good location)


Below is a very simple example of how to use Strata. You can find more information in the manual.txt (which you can copy-paste into a wiki page to have the manual available for all users).

Add data to a page with:

<data person>
Full Name: John Doe
Age: 24
Contact [link]:

Later on, you can make a list (to get a table, use <table> instead) of people with:

<list ?person ?contact>
?person is a: person
?person Contact [link]: ?contact

More Information

See the plugin page for more information on usage and configuration.

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