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πŸ‘‹ Hey, Kristian from Byteconf here. Byteconf is a developer community for everyone - we're putting on free conferences and events, streamed online on Twitch.

We're big fans of doing stuff with our community - our first conference, Byteconf React 2018, featured eight speakers chosen by the community to talk about what's new and awesome in the React world.

We've been thinking about how best to involve the community in pretty much every aspect of Byteconf. For instance, on Twitter, we'll ask daily questions about what you're working on, what new open-source projects you've discovered, etc. On our Discord, developers from around the world discuss anything and everything, and together are building a place where we can all learn and grow as developers, together ❀️

We want to put on conferences and events that are proposed by the community. If we have an idea for a conference, we want your feedback too - who would you like to see speak at the conference? What kind of topics do you want to see covered?

This repo is where we'll track the conferences we want to put on, the conferences we are putting on, and every other pipe dream idea we have. I'll be submitting tickets for the things I'm interested in, but it's GitHub, so you should submit something too!

For instance:

  • A conference for your favorite language, like Elixir or Rust
  • An event focused around an idea, like functional programming, or design for developers
  • A meta-twist on the Byteconf conference format itself! Maybe in-person conferences (yes please), or a 100% lightning talk conference
  • Anything else! long as it's not code of conduct violating πŸ€—

OK, now on to the fun stuff. Submit your ideas here, by filing a ticket!

Have questions? Join us on our Discord, or shoot me a DM on Twitter. I'm super excited to see what y'all come up with πŸ™Œ

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