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; Paints images with a brush and a reference image.
#lang racket
(require images/flomap)
(require racket/draw)
(require racket/file)
(require racket/flonum)
(require "flomap-utils.rkt")
(require optimization-coach)
(require "../glob/glob.rkt")
(require metapict)
(struct brush-info (image width height color rotate x y))
(define (flvector-comp-to-byte v c)
(exact-floor (* (flvector-ref v c) 255.0)))
(define (flvector->color v)
(make-object color% (flvector-comp-to-byte v 1) (flvector-comp-to-byte v 2) (flvector-comp-to-byte v 3)))
(define (random-float) (/ (random 1000) 1000))
(define (make-even val)
(if (= (modulo val 2) 1)
(add1 val)
(define (even-fm fm)
(let-values ([(width height) (flomap-size fm)])
(flomap-resize fm (make-even width) (make-even height))))
(define (even-flomap fm color)
(let-values ([(width height) (flomap-size fm)])
(if (or (zero? width) (zero? height))
(make-flomap* 1 1 color)
(flomap-resize fm (make-even width) (make-even height)))))
(define (simple-stroke-old width height color reference-image x y)
(let* ([rotate (* (random-float) pi 2)]
[image (even-flomap (flomap-trim
(flomap-trim (draw-flomap (lambda (fm-dc)
(send fm-dc set-pen "black" 1 'transparent)
(send fm-dc set-brush (flvector->color color) 'solid)
(send fm-dc draw-ellipse 10 10 30 30)
(send fm-dc draw-polygon (list (make-object point% 10 25) (make-object point% 40 25) (make-object point% 25 75)))
100 100)) #f height) rotate)) color)])
(brush-info image width height color rotate x y)))
(define (flvector->metacolor v)
(make-color* (flvector-comp-to-byte v 1) (flvector-comp-to-byte v 2) (flvector-comp-to-byte v 3)))
(define (simple-stroke-glob w h color reference-image x y)
(define base-radius (* (min w h) 0.45))
(define base-degree (* 2 pi (random-float)))
(define pt1 (pt@ base-radius base-degree))
(define pt2 (pt@ base-radius (+ base-degree pi)))
(define axis-len (exact-floor (dist pt1 pt2)))
(define (radius-random)
(* (+ (* (random-float) 0.2) 0.05) axis-len))
(define r1 (radius-random))
(define r2 (radius-random))
(define axis-middle (med 0.5 pt1 pt2))
(define (make-d) (pt+ axis-middle (pt@ (* axis-len 0.1) (* 2 pi (random-float)))))
(define result-glob (build-glob (flvector->metacolor color) pt1 r1 pt2 r2
(make-d) (make-d) (random-float) (random-float) (random-float) (random-float)))
(define glob-pict (parameterize ([curve-pict-width w]
[curve-pict-height h])
(draw-glob result-glob)))
(even-fm (bitmap->flomap (pict->bitmap glob-pict)))
w h color 0 x y))
(define (simple-stroke w h color reference-image x y)
(if (or (zero? w) (zero? h))
(brush-info (make-flomap* 1 1 color) w h color 0 x y)
(simple-stroke-glob w h color reference-image x y)))
(define (dumb-crop fm width height brush x y)
(let-values ([(brushw brushh) (flomap-size brush)]
[(tw th) (flomap-size fm)])
(let* ([hw (exact-floor (/ brushw 2))]
[hh (exact-floor (/ brushh 2))]
[start-x (max (- hw x) 0)]
[start-y (max (- hh y) 0)]
[end-x (if (> (+ x hw) width)
(- width start-x)
[end-y (if (> (+ y hh) height)
(- height start-y)
(subflomap fm start-x start-y end-x end-y))))
(define (subregion-error reference-image working-image brush-size x y)
(let ([startx (exact-floor (- x brush-size))]
[starty (exact-floor (- y brush-size))]
[endx (exact-floor (+ x brush-size))]
[endy (exact-floor (+ y brush-size))])
(error (subflomap reference-image startx starty endx endy)
(subflomap working-image startx starty endx endy))))
(define (gen-new-image reference-image working-image brush-size)
(define-values (errorc errorx errory) (max-error-position reference-image working-image))
(define-values (width height) (flomap-size reference-image))
(define subregion-size (* (max width height) brush-size))
(define original-error (subregion-error reference-image working-image subregion-size errorx errory))
(define color (flomap-ref* reference-image errorx errory))
(define-values (image bs current-brush)
(for/fold ([new-image #f] [adjusted-brush-size brush-size] [loop-brush-info #f])
([i (in-naturals)])
#:break (and new-image (< (subregion-error reference-image new-image subregion-size errorx errory) original-error))
(define brush-width (exact-floor (* width adjusted-brush-size)))
(define brush-height (exact-floor (* height adjusted-brush-size)))
(define current-brush (simple-stroke brush-width brush-height color reference-image errorx errory))
(define brush (brush-info-image current-brush))
(define-values (bw bh) (flomap-size brush))
(dumb-crop (flomap-pin working-image errorx errory brush (exact-floor (/ bw 2)) (exact-floor (/ bh 2))) width height brush errorx errory)
(/ adjusted-brush-size 2)
(values image current-brush))
(define (create-work-image filename reference-image)
(let ([start-file (path-replace-extension filename ".start")])
(if (file-exists? start-file)
(bitmap->flomap (read-bitmap start-file))
(let-values ([(width height) (flomap-size reference-image)])
(make-flomap 4 width height 0)))))
(define (gen-images filename frames strokes)
(define reference-image (bitmap->flomap (read-bitmap filename)))
(define-values (width height) (flomap-size reference-image))
(define working-image (create-work-image filename reference-image))
(for/fold ([frame-image working-image])
([i (in-naturals)])
#:break (>= i frames)
(define-values (final-image brush-list)
(for/fold ([image frame-image] [brush-list '()])
([j (in-naturals)])
#:break (>= j strokes)
(define-values (new-image brush) (gen-new-image reference-image image 0.1))
(values new-image (cons brush brush-list))))
(define file-prefix (string-append (path->string (path-replace-extension filename "")) (number->string i)))
(send (flomap->bitmap final-image) save-file (string-append file-prefix ".png") 'png)
(with-output-to-file (string-append file-prefix ".strokes")
(lambda ()
(for ([b (reverse brush-list)])
(printf "~a ~a ~a ~a ~a ~a\n" (brush-info-width b) (brush-info-height b) (brush-info-color b) (brush-info-rotate b) (brush-info-x b) (brush-info-y b)))))
(define (do-it)
(let* ([path "input/"]
[files (find-files (lambda (file)
(or (file-exists? file) (string=? path (path->string file))))
(string->path path) #:skip-filtered-directory? #t)]
[images (filter (lambda (file)
(or (path-has-extension? file ".png")
(path-has-extension? file ".jpg"))) files)])
(for-each (lambda (file)
(gen-images file 400 50)) images)))
(define (test-it w h)
(define reference-image (bitmap->flomap (read-bitmap "input/img.jpg")))
(flomap->bitmap (brush-info-image (simple-stroke w h (flvector 1.0 0.5 0.5 0.5) reference-image 0 0))))