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'Ash' v0.5
2nd DEMO @
3rd DEMO @
2014JUL24 c3w
. now decrypts ./.ssh/id_dsa.gpg on the fly and deletes it on exit - good for private githubs
2014JUL21 c3w
. now reads ./.ashrc and optionally overloads cd() w/ or w/o RVM for per-directory TAB completion
. now looks at ./.ssh/id_dsa and fails back to ~/.ssh/id_dsa - for multiple key environments
2013DEC23 c3w
. added '@' bash script for changing Terminal profiles on the fly.
. copy to your ~/bin dir and "ln -s @ @database" for example
. run "@database" and "@" to return to "Pro" Terminal profile
2013DEC20 c3w
. added ash_helper_fqdn to provide auto-complete to other network-y apps, such as ssh
. complete -W "$(~/bin/ash_helper_fqdn)" ssh
2013AUG13 c3w
. added example Terminal profiles
. added a csv importer that accepts: shortname,fqdn,profile type
2012MAY10 c3w
added 'screen' option in the ashrc json
. great for wonky networks and ssh tunnels
2011OCT25 c3w
TAB host auto-complete added!
complete -W "$(~/bin/ash_helper)" ash
SSH -A added for Forwarding Agent; useful for tunneling with a single local ssh key
2011OCT05 c3w
. a Ruby SSH helper script
. reads a JSON config file to read host, FQDN, user, port, tunnel options
. changes OSX Terminal profiles based on host 'type'
put 'ash' ruby script in your PATH
modify and copy ashrc-dist to ~/.ashrc
configure OSX Terminal profiles, such as "webserver", "development", etc
run "ash myhostname" and away you go!