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  • Fixes PHP notices affecting Block Editor users on WordPress 5.5.
  • Fixes a rare PHP warning message that pops up randomly when the Pageviews Cache is enabled.

Release notes


If you're using a caching plugin, flushing its cache right after installing / upgrading to this version is required.

  • Fixes a compatibility issue with WordPress 5.5.
  • Widget themes: various fixes for better IE11 compatibility.

Release notes


If you're using a caching plugin, flushing its cache right after installing / upgrading to this version is required.

  • Fixes compatibility issue with plugins that minify HTML code.
  • Updates installation instructions.
  • Other minor improvements.

Release notes


If you're using a caching plugin, flushing its cache right after installing / upgrading to this version is required.

  • Fixes fatal PHP error triggered on some server setups.
  • Makes sure non-ajaxified themed widgets are properly moved into the ShadowRoot.
  • Fixes declaration of the wpp_params variable.

Release notes


If you're using a caching plugin, flushing its cache right after installing / upgrading to this version is required.

  • JavaScript based Lazy Loading superseded by Native Lazing Loading.
  • Improved Pageviews Cache.
  • Views/comments count will be prettified now!
  • Fixed a few layout issues found in widget themes.
  • Improved compatibility with Content Security Policy (CSP).
  • Added support for ACF images.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.

Release notes



  • A performance notice will be displayed for mid/high traffic sites (see #239).
  • Fixed an issue with text_title content tag not being shortened (see #241).
  • Added a link to the Debug screen to the plugin's dashboard for ease of access.
  • Other minor improvements/changes.


If you're using a caching plugin, flushing its cache right after installing / upgrading to this version is recommended.

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the newly introduced widget themes feature. If you're using a theme with your popular posts widget you'll need to reapply it for it to get the latest changes (go to Appearance > Widgets > WordPress Popular Posts, select a different theme then hit Save, finally switch back to your preferred theme and hit Save again.)
  • Fixed two date related issues.
  • Minor styling improvements to widget themes Cards, Cards Compact, Cardview and Cardview Compact.
  • Removes bold styling from post title on the stock design (wpp.css).
  • Improves data caching logic.


If you're using a caching plugin, flushing its cache right after installing / upgrading to this version is required.

  • Code has been refactored to use more modern PHP practices! This will help make WordPress Popular Posts more maintainable and easier to extend.
  • WordPress Popular Posts now requires PHP 5.4 or newer and WordPress 4.7 or newer.
  • The WPP_Query class has been deprecated. Use WordPressPopularPosts\Query instead.
  • Added ability to filter posts by multiple taxonomies (thanks blackWhitePanda!)
  • New Dashboard Widget: Trending Now.
  • Added 10 new themes for the widget!
  • Added ability to lazy load thumbnails (enabled by default).
  • Improved support for WPML and Polylang.
  • Authors and Editors can now access the Stats dashboard too!
  • Fixed translation issues affecting russian and similar languages.
  • New Content Tags: total_items and item_position.
  • Many minor bug fixes/improvements.

Release notes | Full Changelog.


  • Hotfix: don't typehint scalars, breaks plugin on PHP 5.



If you're using a caching plugin, flushing its cache right after installing / upgrading to this version is required.

  • Breaking change: Database query performance improvements (thanks Stofa!), plugin should be significantly faster for most people out there. Developers: if you're hooking into the WPP_Query class to customize the query, you will have to review it as this change will likely break your custom query.
  • Persistent object caching support: WPP can now store views count in-memory, reducing greatly the number of database writes which is good for performance!
  • Adds filter hook wpp_parse_custom_content_tags.
  • Adds filter hook wpp_taxonomy_separator.
  • You can now also pass arrays when using the parameters post_type, cat, term_id, pid or author (see issue 169 for details).
  • The plugin will use language packs from from now on.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Check the Release notes for more details!


  • Enables Data Caching by default (new installs only).
  • The Parameters section (Settings > WordPress Popular Posts > Parameters) is now mobile-friendly.
  • Updated the documentation in the Parameters section.
  • Refactored WPP's caching mechanism into its own class.
  • Removed unused code.


If you're using a caching plugin, flushing its cache right after installing / upgrading to this version is highly recommended.

  • Improves compatibility with Cloudflare's Rocket Loader.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Fixes a minor bug (plugin returning the wrong excerpt when a translation plugin is used).
  • Bumps minimum required PHP version to 5.3.


If you’re using a caching plugin, flushing its cache right after installing / upgrading to this version is highly recommended.

  • Adds support for the REST API.
  • Adds At-a-Glance stats.
  • Adds Today time range to Stats section.
  • Drops jQuery dependency on front-end (faster loading times!)
  • The plugin will no longer display debugging information unless WP_DEBUG is set to true.
  • Many minor bug fixes and improvements.

See the Release notes for more details!


  • Improvements to WPP's upgrade process.
  • Fixes ALT text missing from IMG tags.


  • Fixes bug where WPP didn't return the right URL when using Polylang / WPML.
  • Fixes a compatibility issue with Yoast SEO (and potentially other plugins as well).
  • Improves compatibility with MySQL 5.7+.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.


If you're using a caching plugin, flushing its cache after installing / upgrading to this version is highly recommended.

  • Fixes reference to tracking script.


If you're using a caching plugin, flushing its cache after installing / upgrading to this version is highly recommended.

  • Renames tracking script to prevent issues with ad blockers (props @Damienov).
  • Widget: fixes caching (props @zu2).
  • Exposes offset parameter to wpp shortcode / wpp_get_mostpopular template tag.


  • Widget: fixes Author ID field not saving/updating.
  • Fixes WPP data caching (props @zu2).
  • Dashboard: updates Content Tags' documentation.
  • Main POT file updated.
  • Other minor bug fixes & improvements.


  • Multisite: plugin can now be installed individually on each site.
  • Multisite: improved upgrade process.
  • Dashboard: adds multisite check to Debug screen.
  • Dashboard: have the Debug screen display active plugins only.
  • Improves compatibility with Beaver Builder.
  • Adds onload event to ajax widget (props @cawa-93).
  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • Improves compatibility with Multisite.
  • Fixes a bug that prevented upgrade process from running on MU (props @gregsullivan!)
  • Improves compatibility with Beaver Builder.


  • Fixes the taxonomy filter for Custom Post Types.
  • Updates summary table structure and indexes.
  • Adds back ability to use custom wpp.css from theme.
  • Dashboard: adds a Debug screen to help with support inquiries.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.


This is a hotfix release.

  • Dashboard: escapes post titles to prevent potential XSS (props Delta!)
  • Restores ability to use a custom default thumbnail.


This is a hotfix release.

  • Dashboard: fixes thumbnail picker on HTTPS.
  • Adds the wpp_custom_html filter back.


This is a hotfix release.

  • Fixes a warning message triggered on old PHP versions.
  • Fixes undefined default_thumbnail_sizes warning message.
  • Removes a hardcoded table prefix causing issues on sites that uses a different prefix than the stock one.


If you're using a caching plugin, flushing its cache after installing / upgrading to this version is highly recommended.

  • Plugin code refactored!
  • Dashboard section redesigned (now mobile-friendly, too!)
  • New Statistics chart and other goodies.
  • Adds ability to pick a Custom Time Range!
  • Adds ability to filter posts by other taxonomies than just categories!
  • Adds Relative Date Format.
  • Fixes broken views tracking caused by changeset 41508 (props hykw!)
  • Improves PHP7+ compatibility.
  • Improves compatibility with WP-SpamShield, WooCommerce, Polylang and WPML.
  • Drops qTranslate support (that plugin has been long removed from anyways.)
  • New content tags added: {img_url}, {taxonomy}.
  • New filters: wpp_post_class, wpp_post_exclude_terms.
  • French and German translation files became too outdated and so support has been dropped for now (want to help? Contact me!)
  • Tons of minor bug fixes and improvements.

Also, see Release notes.


  • Attempt to convert tables to InnoDB during upgrade if other engine is being used.
  • Adds a check to prevent the upgrade process from running too many times.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Documentation updated.


  • Fixes potential XSS exploit in WPP's admin dashboard.
  • Adds filter to set which post types should be tracked by WPP (details).
  • Adds ability to select first attached image as thumbnail source (thanks, @serglopatin!)


  • Fixes warning message: 'stream does not support seeking in...'
  • Removes excerpt HTML encoding.
  • Passes widget ID to the instance variable for customization.
  • Adds CSS class current.
  • Documentation cleanup.
  • Other minor bug fixes / improvements.


  • Fixes undefined index notice.
  • Makes sure legacy tables are deleted on plugin upgrade.


  • Adds the ability to limit the amount of data logged by WPP (see Settings > WordPress Popular Posts > Tools for more).
  • Adds Polylang support (thanks, @Chouby!)
  • Removes post data from DB on deletion.
  • Fixes whitespaces from post_type argument (thanks, @getdave!)
  • WPP now handles SSL detection for images.
  • Removes legacy datacache and datacache_backup tables.
  • Adds Settings page advertisement support.
  • FAQ section has been moved over to Github.


If you're using a caching plugin, flushing its cache after installing / upgrading to this version is highly recommended.

  • Fixes a potential bug that might affect other plugins & themes (thanks @pippinsplugins).
  • Defines INNODB as default storage engine.
  • Adds the wpp-no-data CSS class to style the "Sorry, no data so far" message.
  • Adds a new index to summary table.
  • Updates plugin's documentation.
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements.


If you're using a caching plugin, flushing its cache after installing / upgrading to this version is recommended.

  • Moves sampling logic into Javascript (thanks, @kurtpayne!)
  • Simplifies category filtering logic.
  • Fixes list sorting issue that some users were experimenting (thanks, sponker!)
  • Widget uses stock thumbnails when using predefined size (some conditions apply).
  • Adds the ability to enable / disable responsive support for thumbails.
  • Renames wpp_update_views action hook to wpp_post_update_views, update your code!
  • Adds wpp_pre_update_views action hook.
  • Adds filter wpp_render_image.
  • Drops support for get_mostpopular() template tag.
  • Fixes empty HTML tags (thumbnail, stats).
  • Removes Japanese, French and Norwegian Bokmal translation files from plugin.
  • Many minor bug fixes / enhancements.


  • Fixes missing HTML decoding for custom HTML in widget.
  • Puts LIMIT clause back to the outer query.


  • Adds check for jQuery.
  • Fixes invalid parameter in htmlspecialchars().
  • Switches AJAX update to POST method.
  • Removes href attribute from link when popular post is viewed.
  • Removes unnecesary ORDER BY clause in views/comments subquery.
  • Fixes Javascript console not working under IE8 (thanks, @raphaelsaunier!)
  • Fixes WPML compatibility bug storing post IDs as 0.
  • Removes wpp-upload.js since it was no longer in use.
  • Fixes undefined default thumbnail image (thanks, Lea Cohen!)
  • Fixes rating parameter returning false value.
  • Adds Data Sampling (thanks, @kurtpayne!)
  • Minor query optimizations.
  • Adds {date} (thanks, @matsuoshi!) and {thumb_img} tags to custom html.
  • Adds minute time option for caching.
  • Adds wpp_data_sampling filter.
  • Removes jQuery's DOM ready hook for AJAX views update.
  • Adds back missing GROUP BY clause.
  • Removes unnecesary HTML decoding for custom HTML (thanks, Lea Cohen!)
  • Translates category name when WPML is detected.
  • Adds list of available thumbnail sizes to the widget.
  • Other minor bugfixes and improvements.


  • Adds check for exif extension availability.
  • Rolls back check for user's default thumbnail.


  • Fixes invalid HTML title/alt attributes caused by encoding issues.
  • Fixes issue with jQuery not loading properly under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes issue with custom excerpts not showing up.
  • Fixes undefined notices and removes an unused variable from widget_update().
  • Fixes wrong variable reference in __image_resize().
  • Adds charset to mb_substr when truncating excerpt.
  • Sets default logging level to 1 (Everyone).
  • Renders the category link with cat-id-[ID] CSS class.
  • Replaces getimagesize() with exif_imagetype().
  • Adds notice to move/copy wpp.css stylesheet into theme's directory to keep custom CSS styles across updates.
  • Thumbail generation process has been refactored for efficiency.
  • Thumbnails are now stored in a custom folder under Uploads.
  • Drops support on Japanese and French languages since the translations were outdated.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Fixes widget not saving 'freshness' setting.
  • Adds HTMLentities conversion/deconversion on wpp_get_mostpopular().
  • Improves thumbnail detection.
  • Fixes a bug affecting the truncation of excerpts.
  • Fixes yet another bug on wpp_get_views().
  • Other minor changes.


  • Fixes an introduced bug on wpp_get_views().
  • Fixes bug where thumbnail size was cached for multiple instances.
  • Adds back stylesheet detection.
  • Removes unused widget.js file.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • Fixes bug on wpp_get_views.
  • Sustitutes WP_DEBUG with custom debugging constant.
  • Fixes bug that prevented disabling plugin's stylesheet.


  • Plugin refactoring based on @tikaszvince's work (many thanks, Vince!).
  • Added WPML support.
  • Added experimental Wordpress Multisite support.
  • Added bot detection.
  • Added ability to filter posts by freshness.
  • Added own data caching method.
  • Added filters wpp_custom_html, wpp_post.
  • Added action wpp_update_views.
  • Dropped support on Dutch and Persian languages since the translations were outdated.
  • Several other fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed category excluding/including bug.


  • Added ability to set links' target attribute (thanks, Pedro!).
  • Added sanitization for external thumbnail filenames to avoid weird characters.
  • Added a new content tag, {score}, to display the post rating as a simple integer (thanks, Artem!).
  • Added japanese and persian translations (thanks kjmtsh and Tatar).
  • Added wpp-list class to the UL tag, this should help style the popular list better.
  • Added plugin version to wp_enqueue_* calls.
  • Updated thumbnail feature to handle external images.
  • Updated wpp.css with text floating next to thumbnails - this sets a predefined style for the plugin for the first time.
  • Removed unnecesary wpp-thumbnail class from link tag, the image already has it.
  • Fixed typo in wpp_update_warning. From v2.3.3, minimun Wordpress version required is 3.3.
  • Fixed minor bugs.


  • Fixed minor bugs on admin page.
  • Fixed query bug preventing some results from being listed.
  • Added a check to avoid using the terms tables if not necessary (eg. listing pages only).


  • Added ability to shorten title/excerpt by number of words.
  • Updated excerpt code, don't show it if empty.
  • Added ability to set post_type on Stats page.
  • Added check for is_preview() to avoid updating views count when editing and previewing a post / page (thanks, Partisk!).
  • Added ability to change default thumbnail via admin (thanks for the suggestion, Martin!).
  • Fixed bug in query when getting popular posts from category returning no results if it didn't have any post on the top viewed / commented.
  • Added function for better handling changes/updates in settings.
  • Updated get_summary() to use API functions instead querying directly to DB.
  • Updated wpp_print_stylesheet() to get the wpp.css file from the right path (thanks, Martin!).
  • Moved translations to lang folder.


  • Minimum Wordpress version requirement changed to 3.3.
  • Minimum PHP version requirement changed to 5.2.0.
  • Improved Custom HTML feature! It's more flexible now + new Content Tags added: {url}, {text_title}, {author}, {category}, {views}, {comments}!.
  • Added ability to exclude posts by ID (similar to the category filter).
  • Added ability to enable / disable logging visits from logged-in users.
  • Added Category to the Stats Tag settings options.
  • Added range parameter to wpp_get_views().
  • Added numeric formatting to the wpp_get_views() function.
  • When enabling the Display author option, author's name will link to his/her profile page.
  • Fixed bad numeric formatting in Stats showing truncated views count.
  • Fixed AJAX update feature (finally!). WPP works properly now when using caching plugins!
  • Fixed WP Post Ratings not displaying on the list (and while it works, there are errors coming from the WP Post Ratings plugin itself:
  • Improved database queries for speed.
  • Fixed bug preventing PostRating to show.
  • Removed Timthumb (again) in favor of the updated get_img() function based on Victor Teixeira's vt_resize function.
  • Cron now removes from cache all posts that have been trashed or eliminated.
  • Added proper numeric formatting for views / comments count. (Thank you for the tip, dimagsv!)
  • Added "the title filter fix" that affected some themes. (Thank you, jeremyers1!)
  • Added dutch translation. (Thank you, Jeroen!)
  • Added german translation. (Thank you, Martin!)


  • The ability to enable / disable the Ajax Update has been removed. It introduced a random bug that doubled the views count of some posts / pages. Will be added back when a fix is ready.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the cat parameter from excluding categories (widget was not affected by this).
  • FAQ section (Settings / Wordpress Popular Posts / FAQ) updated.
  • Added french translation. (Thanks, Le Raconteur!)


  • Fixed bug caused by the sorter function when there are multiple instances of the widget.
  • Added check for new options in the get_popular_posts function.
  • Added plugin version check to handle upgrades.
  • Fixed bug preventing some site from fetching images from subdomains or external sites.
  • Fixed bug that prevented excluding more than one category using the Category filter.


  • Merged all pages into Settings/Wordpress Popular Posts.
  • Added new options to the Wordpress Popular Posts Stats dashboard.
  • Added check for static homepages to avoid printing ajax script there.
  • Database queries re-built from scratch for optimization.
  • Added the ability to remove / enable plugin's stylesheet from the admin.
  • Added the ability to enable / disable ajax update from the admin.
  • Added the ability to set thumbnail's source from the admin.
  • Timthumb support re-added.
  • Added support for custom post type (Thanks, Brad Williams!).
  • Improved the category filtering feature.
  • Added the ability to get popular posts from given author IDs.


  • Quick update to fix error with All-time combined with views breaking the plugin.


  • Featured Image is generated for the user automatically if not present and if there's an image attached to the post.
  • Range feature Today option changed. Replaced with Last 24 hours.
  • Category exclusion query simplified. Thanks to almergabor for the suggestion!
  • Fixed bug caused by selecting Avg. Views and All-Time that prevented WPP from getting any data from the BD. Thanks Janseo!
  • Updated the get_summary function to strip out shortcodes from excerpt as well.
  • Fixed bug in the truncate function affecting accented characters. Thanks r3df!
  • Fixed bug keeping db tables from being created. Thanks northlake!
  • Fixed bug on the shortcode which was showing pages even if turned off. Thanks danpkraus!


  • Added stylesheet detection. If wpp.css is on theme's folder, will use that instead the one bundled with the plugin.


  • Added DB character set and collate detection.
  • Fixed excerpt translation issue when the qTrans plugin is present. Thanks r3df!.
  • Fixed thumbnail dimensions issue.
  • Fixed widget page link.
  • Fixed widget title encoding bug.
  • Fixed deprecated errors on load_plugin_textdomain and add_submenu_page.


  • Dropped TimThumb support in favor of Wordpress's Featured Image function.


  • Added italian localization. Thanks Gianni!
  • Added charset detection.
  • Fixed bug preventing HTML View / Visual View on Edit Post page from working.


  • Fixed bug preventing widget title from being saved.
  • Fixed bug affecting blogs with Wordpress installed somewhere else than domain's root.
  • Added htmlentities to post titles.
  • Added default thumbnail image if none is found in the post.


  • Title special HTML entities bug fixed.
  • Thumbnail feature improved! Wordpress Popular Posts now supports The Post Thumbnail feature. You can choose whether to select your own thumbnails, or let Wordpress Popular Posts create them for you!
  • Shortcode bug fixed. Thanks Krokkodriljo!
  • Category exclusion feature improved. Thanks raamdev!


  • Added a Statistics Dashboard to Admin panel so users can view what's popular directly from there.
  • Users can now select a different date format.
  • get_mostpopular() function deprecated. Replaced with wpp_get_mostpopular().
  • Cache maintenance bug fixed.
  • Several UI enhancements were applied to this version.


  • "Keep text format and links" feature introduced. If selected, formatting tags and hyperlinks won't be removed from excerpt.
  • Post title excerpt html entities bug fixed. It was causing the excerpt function to display more characters than the requested by user.
  • Several shortcode bugs fixed (range, order_by, do_pattern, pattern_form were not working as expected).


  • Post title excerpt now includes html entities. Characters like ��� should display properly now.
  • Post excerpt has been improved. Now it supports the following HTML tags: a, b, i, strong, em.
  • Template tag wpp_get_views() added. Retrieves the views count of a single post.
  • Template tag get_mostpopular() re-added. Parameter support included.
  • Shortcode bug fixed (range was always "daily" no matter what option was being selected by the user).


  • Plugin rewritten to support Multi-Widget capabilities
  • Cache table implemented
  • Shortcode support added
  • Category exclusion feature added
  • Ajax update added - plugin is now compatible with caching plugins such as WP Super Cache
  • Thumbnail feature improved - some bugs were fixed, too
  • Maintenance page added


  • Widget bug fixed


  • Database improvements implemented
  • WP-PostRatings support added
  • Thumbnail feature added


  • Bug in get_mostpopular function affected comments on single.php
  • "Show pageviews" option bug fixed
  • Added "content formatting tags" functionality


  • Added new localizable strings
  • Fixed Admin page coding bug that was affecting the styling of WPP


  • HTML Markup customizer added
  • Removed some unnessesary files


  • Korean and Swedish are supported


  • Code snippet bug found


  • Found database bug affecting only new installations


  • Massive code enhancement
  • CSS bugs fixed
  • Features added: Time Range; author and date (stats tag); separate settings for Widget and Code Snippet


  • Permalink bug fixed


  • Admin panel styling bug fixed


  • Added an Admin page for a better management of the plugin
  • New sorting options (sort posts by comment count, by pageviews, or by average daily views) added


  • Added extra functionalities to Wordpress Popular Post plugin core


  • Fixed comment count bug


  • Public release
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