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Cake Website

This is the Cake website. It's a static site generated by Wyam hosted on Azure.


Any contributions are appreciated, no matter how big or small. The Cake site consists of several different sections and each one is described below.


The basic documentation pages can be found under ./input/docs. The directory structure mirrors what's on the site. Most pages are written in Markdown. To add a new page, just add a new file.


The Cake site contains a blog where important announcements and other information is posted. The blog posts can be found under ./input/blog. As with documentation pages, blog posts are written in Markdown. The file name for each blog post contains it's published date in the format


All addins are specified in individual YAML files under ./addins. Adding an addin here will trigger downloading it's NuGet Package during site generation and will include it in the "Reference" and "Addins" sections of the Cake site.

The format of an addin file generally looks like:

Name: Cake.Wyam
NuGet: Cake.Wyam
Prerelease: true
- "/**/Cake.Wyam.dll"
Author: Dave Glick, Gary Ewan Park
Description: "An alias that generates static sites and other content using Wyam."
- Documentation
- Static Site Generation

Note that the Prerelease flag can be omitted for non-prerelease packages and controls whether NuGet will attempt to download a prerelease version of the package when generating the site.


The site is built using Cake (of course!). There are a number of different targets depending on what you're working on and how complete you want the generated site to be.

build -target GetSource will download the Cake source code that the generation process uses to create the "API" section.

build -target GetAddinPackages will download new NuGet packages for all specified addins. These packages are used to create the "Reference" and "Addins" sections.

build -target GetArtifacts will download both the Cake source code and the addin NuGet packages.

build -target Build will run a complete build, downloading new copies of Cake source code and addin NuGet packages. Note that due to the number of addins and the complexity of generating complete API documentation, the site generation may take a while (sometimes as long as 20 minutes).

build -target Preview will run a build but will not download Cake source code or NuGet packages. This lets you shorten the build cycle by avoiding the time to obtain those resources if you've already downloaded them, or to bypass them altogether if you're just working on something like general documentation pages. This target will also launch a preview server to look at the generated site from a local web browser. The URL of the generated preview site is http://localhost:5080/.

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