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Shift script install files around to put .bat first.

Hopefully this addresses installation issues on windows using composer.

Fixes #2145
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markstory committed Oct 29, 2013
1 parent a753718 commit 2d483f08ef8c503708cbb38bbc42acf5c1e9569c
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@@ -145,9 +145,9 @@
<dirroles key="Cake/Console/Templates/default">php</dirroles>
<dirroles key="Cake/View">php</dirroles>
<install as="cake" name="bin/cake" />
<install as="cake.php" name="bin/cake.php" />
<install as="cake.bat" name="bin/cake.bat" />
<install as="cake.php" name="bin/cake.php" />
<install as="cake" name="bin/cake" />
<exceptions key="Cake/VERSION.txt">php</exceptions>
<exceptions key="Cake/LICENSE.txt">php</exceptions>

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