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1 parent c00d58b commit 35686c929351050971d1736581a69c56baf9f5d7 @AD7six AD7six committed
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  1. +2 −2 lib/Cake/Core/Configure.php
4 lib/Cake/Core/Configure.php
@@ -319,10 +319,10 @@ public static function load($key, $config = 'default', $merge = true) {
public static function dump($key, $config = 'default', $keys = array()) {
$reader = self::_getReader($config);
if (!$reader) {
- throw new ConfigureException(__d('cake', 'There is no "%s" adapter.', $config));
+ throw new ConfigureException(__d('cake_dev', 'There is no "%s" adapter.', $config));
if (!method_exists($reader, 'dump')) {
- throw new ConfigureException(__d('cake', 'The "%s" adapter, does not have a dump() method.', $config));
+ throw new ConfigureException(__d('cake_dev', 'The "%s" adapter, does not have a dump() method.', $config));
$values = self::$_values;
if (!empty($keys) && is_array($keys)) {

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