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Added docblock on ORM/Table class about afterSaveCommit callback event

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gmponos committed Feb 7, 2016
1 parent 35ee377 commit 44753c904bfbe61a605432a21cdda7c4c2468eb8
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@@ -106,6 +106,12 @@
* - `afterSave(Event $event, EntityInterface $entity, ArrayObject $options)`
* Fired after an entity is saved.
* - `afterSaveCommit(Event $event, EntityInterface $entity, ArrayObject $options)`
* Fired after the transaction in which the save operation is wrapped has been committed.
* It’s also triggered for non atomic saves where database operations are implicitly committed.
* The event is triggered only for the primary table on which save() is directly called.
* The event is not triggered if a transaction is started before calling save.
* - `beforeDelete(Event $event, EntityInterface $entity, ArrayObject $options)`
* Fired before an entity is deleted. By stopping this event you will abort
* the delete operation.

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